1st Round Trophy Upgrade Program Continues for 2011

This successful program is once again returning to the Corvette Challenge for its seventh year. If you participated in the Corvette Challenges the first 3 years and won a 1st round race you will have received a trophy. You received a similar trophy for every event in which you won 1st round. A driver having won 1st round several times in those 3 years would have accumulated many very similar trophies. This sparked a new program at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ specifically for the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge beginning with the 2003 season. It is the 1st Round Trophy Upgrade Program.

Drivers who are signed up for the points championship can opt to not take a 1st round trophy after winning 1st round and instead receive a 1st round win credit. At the end of the season, the total number of credits, or 1st round wins, will determine the size and type of trophy you will receive. This upgraded trophy will be awarded to the driver at the Corvette Challenge Awards Banquet at the end of the season (if you cannot attend the banquet, the trophy can be picked up at the track after the banquet). You can still stop in the trophy room to get a win sticker and report you would like a credit for the trophy.

This program saves space on the trophy shelf and gives us the opportunity to reward each driver's annual performance with an improved upgraded trophy. This is an optional program. Once you have elected to take part in the upgrade program, please do not take a 1st round trophy at any of the events.