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2002 Schedule/Results
04/06/02 - Edgar Perez
05/25/02 - Bill Wilson
06/29/02 - Mike Carr
07/13/02 - Edgar Perez
07/27/02 - Rob Farley
08/17/02 - Bob Sebrowksi *
08/31/02 - Ralph Savarese
09/21/02 - Aaron Askenback
10/26/02 - Ellis Gray
11/02/02 - Ralph Savarese*
11/09/02 - Tom Dulski*
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* non-points race
2002 Schedule/Results
Quick 4
07/27/02 - Keith Brownlee
09/21/02 - Brian Miller
11/02/02 - Keith Brownlee
Quick 4
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2002 Event 10 winner Tom Dulski
2002 Event 10 winner Tom Dulski

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Frank Schear
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Featured Drivers
Official Final Top 10
1 Ralph Savarese 38 *
2 Edgar Perez 37 **
3 Rob Farley (r) 32 *
4 Aaron Askenback 28 *
5 Bill Wilson (r) 24 *
6 John Panuzzo 24
7 Bill Maloney 23
7 Vic Gandhi 23  
9 Jim Kovitch 22
10 Jack Schwarzwalder (r) 20
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(r) - Rookie        * - Event Win
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Auto Racing Daily Newsfeed

2002 Challenge Top 4 points cars race in the big show and Ralph Savarese wins

7/31/02 - As you know the Top 4 points drivers were invited to Raceway Park to run an eliminator as part of the PC Richard & Son Spectacular tonight. One of our top 4 in points, Rob Farley raced his Mustang as part of the Heavy Class so we really get 5 Challenge drivers there today.

Your participants are:

  1. Edgar Perez, Howell, NJ
  2. Ralph Savarese, Mahopac, NY
  3. Jack Schwarzwalder, Trenton, NJ
  4. Aaron Askenback, Westport, CT

Edgar Perez

Ralph Savarese

Jack Schwarzwalder

Aaron Askenback

Our number 5 guy which should have replaced Rob F., is not in town tonight (his town is Maryland but he is in Georgia today) so Aaron will be replacing Rob.

It was fun. Here is how it went. John Mackey and Bob Trieschmann, Carl Askenback (dad) and Lenny (the previous owner of the C3 Jack now owns) were there too.

Ladder had Edgar vs. Aaron and Ralph vs. Jack. Ralph and Jack went first and it was a close race with Jack cutting a .515 light and Ralph, .525. At the top end, it was Ralph with the victory as Jack could not run his number by a tenth. Jack expected the weather to get better but it got worse. The other semi, Aaron dialed a 12.78 and Edgar a 12.77. Wow the Top 4 was looking like the Quick 4 with a little heads up action. Aaron knowing he had to be on his toes, and learning the new tranny and converter, went red with a .469 sending Edgar to his 5th final of the year. Ralph and Edgar have raced 3 times before with Edgar leading the series 2-1. Ralph knew he had to cut a good light so he was ready with a .504 light. Edgar knowing Ralph knew he had to hit the tree hard, had to hit the tree hard himself. Too hard as he goes .496 red and Ralph takes the win and the $16,000 prize (kidding Ralph). Congrats to Ralph, Aaron and Jack for making it tonight.

Rob Farley was there with his Mustang and did not fair well as he was bid farewell in the first round of the Heavy class.

Bill Wilson, who was 5th in points would have earned the right to replace Rob Farley but he was out of town and could not make the event. Farley was the number 3 in points driver. We went to the number 6 driver, Aaron Askenback to replace Rob who was still at the event.

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