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2002 Schedule/Results
04/06/02 - Edgar Perez
05/25/02 - Bill Wilson
06/29/02 - Mike Carr
07/13/02 - Edgar Perez
07/27/02 - Rob Farley
08/17/02 - Bob Sebrowksi *
08/31/02 - Ralph Savarese
09/21/02 - Aaron Askenback
10/26/02 - Ellis Gray
11/02/02 - Ralph Savarese*
11/09/02 - Tom Dulski*
englishtown weather
* non-points race
2002 Schedule/Results
Quick 4
07/27/02 - Keith Brownlee
09/21/02 - Brian Miller
11/02/02 - Keith Brownlee
Quick 4
Featured Drivers

2002 Event 10 winner Tom Dulski
2002 Event 10 winner Tom Dulski

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Nick Goldman
John Mackey
Edgar Perez
Frank Schear
Lenny Marotta
Beserko Bob
Bob Morgan
Featured Drivers
Official Final Top 10
1 Ralph Savarese 38 *
2 Edgar Perez 37 **
3 Rob Farley (r) 32 *
4 Aaron Askenback 28 *
5 Bill Wilson (r) 24 *
6 John Panuzzo 24
7 Bill Maloney 23
7 Vic Gandhi 23  
9 Jim Kovitch 22
10 Jack Schwarzwalder (r) 20
Complete Final Standings here
(r) - Rookie        * - Event Win
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Auto Racing Daily Newsfeed

For 2002, the Cartek Corvette Challenge points standings will be maintained by Raceway Park.   Please click on the link below to go to the Raceway Park web page.  Then click on the link for "Points".  Also, please click on the link for "Classes" for a description of the Corvette Challenge Class.  Click here for the Raceway Park web page

The following information is extremely important.  You MUST sign up for points to be eligible for the Points Championship.   For 2002, the Cartek Corvette Challenge has been added to the Raceway Park Sunoco Saturday Points Series.  Raceway Park will charge a one time fee of $30 for the year register for points.

The Raceway Park Points Series for 2002 will award points as follows

  1. By signing up for points by the first point's day (April 6th, 2002), you will receive 1 point.
  2. By staging your car in the first round of eliminations, you will receive 1 point.
  3. For each round you win during eliminations, you will receive 1 point.
  4. Tiebreaker positions are as follows
    1. Number of elimination wins
    2. The rating point system will be in effect.  At the end of each race, you will be assigned a number based on what position you are in (or tied for).  That number will be represented as a negative number next to your total points. This rating system rewards drivers who end up tied but have maintain higher rankings throughout the season as the lowest negative number will come first.  For example if in the first week you finish first, you will be assigned a -1.  The following week you are in 3rd place you will be assigned a -3.  Your total negative number will be -4.  If a driver finished in fourth place (-4) week one and then first in week 2 (-1) and you both have the same number of points, you will win the tie breaker because you have a -4 vs. his -5.  Confused, email me and I can try to explain better edgarperez@corvettechallenge.info.
    3. A Run-off on the last day of Points.

As the points will be kept by Raceway Park, a link will be provided to the Raceway Park site as soon as it is up.

If you have not signed up for points contact Raceway Park at 732-446-7800 or at www.racewaypark.com.

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