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Simple Man Racing returns for 2009

Simple Man Racing returns for 2008

Simple Man Racing returns for 2007

Simple Man Racing returns for 2006

Simple Man Racing returns for 2005

We are happy to have Simple Man Racing return for the 2005 season.

02/11/04 - Simple Man Racing returns for 2004
Once again we are happy to welcome Bob and Marianna and the Simple Man Racing team as an Associate Sponsor for 2004

01/11/02 - Simple Man Racing returns in 2003

Bob after winning the 2001 Cartek Corvette Challenge Points Series Championship Simple Man Racing is just that! It is a simple man racing. Bob Trieschmann of Union, NJ has been drag racing over 20 years and can provide lots of advice on drag racing. He is experienced in preparing cars to make them perform at the highest ability on the drag strip. Bob races his Camaro, Impala and his 1994 Polo Green Corvette Convertible.

11/21/01 - Bob Trieschmann has won the points championship for 2001. Bob came in second in two events and consistently went rounds to win the first points title of the Cartek Corvette Challenge in 2001.

4/6/02 - Bob Trieschmann will start the defense of the his 2001 championship in a new Corvette. Bob has purchased a 1985 Silver A4 Coupe to compete in the series. This year Bob will not have to worry about keeping his car above 14.00 as he will not be driving his 94 Polo Green Convertible which has been retired from racing. Best of luck to you Bob in your new Corvette.

05/01/02 - Bob Trieschmann has become an officer of the Corvette Challenge. Bob will be taking on some of the duties as an organizer of this great event. Bob will help with sponsorship as well as other areas in our series.

Check back for future updates and pictures of Bob and his car. In the mean time, feel free to drop an email.

Bob, We thank you for your support.
Edgar and all Corvette Challenge racers.