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The Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout for 2004

It is with great pleasure that we announce The Vette Doctors, Amityville, NY return as title sponsor for the quickest and fastest Corvette heads-up series. In 2004, what was formerly known as the Quick 4 class, will now be know as the Pro 8 Shootout (complete Pro 8 Shootout rules) class of the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge. Co-owners Carmen Melillo and Dennis Hemmerly continue supporting the Corvette Challenge since its inception in 1999. The Vette Doctors build some of the fastest Corvettes in the country including the big cube motor of Corvette Challenge founder, Brian Miller, and long time participant Bill Maloney and Paul Major. In the first year of the Quick 4(Q4), Vette Doctor patient Bill Maloney had the only Corvette to qualify for all 3 Q4 races. Corvette Challenge founder, Brian Miller was the winner of these Q4 race on September 21, 2002. In 2003 their customers won three of the five Quick 4 races. We are all looking forward for more fast paced racing in 2004. In addition, drivers who qualify for the Pro 8 Shootout can now choose not to run in the bracket race but can if they wish too still.

The Vette Doctors banner
The Vette Doctors, 26 Elm Place Amityville, NY 11701 (631) 841-0779

The Vette Doctors not only specialize in building the LS1 and LS6 motors but also are one of the premier shops when it comes the "King of the Hill" the Corvette ZR-1. Melillo was and intregral part of getting the series to double its car count to eight. The Pro 8 Shootout now gives eight owners a chance to showcase the quickest and fastest Corvettes in the US.

The winner and Runner-Up of the Pro 8 Shootout will be awarded a trophies and photos of the Pro 8 Shootout class will appear in the Raceway News and on this web site.

Pro 8 Shootout is a heads-up class

The Pro 8 Shootout (P)is a HEADS-UP class that will be run in addition to our ET Bracket Class. The class will be run with a Full-Tree with no dial-in and no break-out. First car to the line wins! The Corvette that runs the quickest (lowest) ET during the Corvette Challenge time trials will be the No. 1 qualifier. The next seven cars with the next seven quickest ET's will be seeded 2 through 8. The pairings will have the No. 1 seed race the No. 8 seed and the No. 2 seed facing the No. 7 seed and so on. For 2004 the 1st round of Pro 8 Shootout will be held during the third round of the bracket race. The second and Final rounds will follow along the brackets. The eight qualifiers and two alternates will be notified and will be instructed to a specific staging lane so please listen to public addrees announcements. The drivers must do not have to run the ET class in order to participate in the in the Pro 8 Shootout as was done in the past but still do so if he/she wishes. All Corvettes that are points racers will be considered for the Pro 8 Shootout class. The first and most important rule for the Pro 8 Shootout is that the car must be NHRA legal. The second most important rule is that the car must be NHRA legal ("Fight Club" quote). This means if you run 11's you must have a 5 point rollbar, fire safety jacket and meet all other requirements. If you run in the 9's you are responsilbe for meeting all of those requierments including but not limited to, chasis certification. If there is any question on the legality of your car, check with John Mackey, Raceway Park or NHRA at There are NO exceptions to this rule. The car must be legal for the Corvette Challenge and registered for the Points championship. Non-Points cars will not be allowed to race in the Pro 8 Shootout. If you are not signed up for Points, go up to the tower and sign up the next time you are at the track. The Pro 8 Shootout will be NON-POINTS. Winner and runner-up will get trophies and a group photo of all P8 participants in the Raceway News.

How to Qualify

All Corvettes ET's during time trials will be qualifying runs for the Pro 8 Shootout. We will do our best to tell you where you stand at the end of each time trial. The "bump spot" will be posted on the boards during time trials (qualifications). Normally aspirated and power adder (supercharger/nitrous) cars are all eligible to race.

2004 Pro 8 Shootout rules

  1. Must be NHRA exceptions
  2. Must meet Raceway Park noise rules
  3. Must be a Challenge Points Racer
  4. 1st round of Pro 8 Shootout third round of the Corvette Challenge bracket class
  5. Pro Ladder 1st races 8th, 2nd races 7th, 3rd v. 6th and 4th v. 5th
  6. Heads-up on a Pro tree
  7. First to the finish line wins with no dial-in and no breakout
  8. No Bracket Challenge points awarded but Pro 8 points will be awarded
  9. Participation in the bracket class is optional and driver choice
  10. Sorry no Super comp or equivalent permitted cars permitted
  11. Solid rear is okay

modified: December 31, 1969 - 7:00 pm

Series Sponsors
East Coast Supercharging
East Coast Supercharging

Yank Converters
Yank Racing Converters

Simple Man Racing
Simple Man

CFM Racing
CFM Racing

Pro Torque converters
Pro Torque

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Fisher Automotive
Fisher Automotive, 506 East Main Street
Bound Brook, N.J. 08805
(732) 469-0986

AMP Racing
AMP Racing

Thrust Performance
Thrust Performance, 928 Route 9 South
South Amboy, N.J. 08879
(732) 952-2238

Cool-Aid Company
Cool-Aid Company

Best Western, East Brunswick
Best Western,
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Anger Management Racing
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Point Pleasant

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