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If you've never been to a track, or maybe just a beginner and you do not have a clear understanding about about the different programs at the track such as bracket racing, I'll try to help out a bit. Consider this "Bracket Racing 101" or "Bracket Racing for Dummies". But first I think a brief primer on the basics of drag racing should be lightly covered.


The first thing I would like to start with is Safety, most of this is fairly logical, but it should be gone over at least once anyway.

You should have an SN 00+ helmet

You should insure that your vehicle does not leak any fluids such as oil or antifreeze. Not good for anyone.

Your coolant overflow system should be in operating condition.

Your Battery should be well strapped in.

You should always observe and obey the posted pit speed limits.

If during hard acceleration you begin to severely loose traction, get out of the throttle. 90% of accidents actually on the track occur due to a driver staying in the throttle too long. When the tail end gets a bit sideways, the driver will finally let off the throttle, then the tires grab, then the driver oversteers the vehicle in a corrective reflex, thus the vehicle introduces itself to the opposite wall. This should never happen with a street car. At our power level it amazes me that anyone could find the wall in a straightaway race... but it happens. Better to have a wasted pass versus a wasted Vette !!!


Tech is fairly easy if you know what to expect before you go to the track. Its very rare for a late model Corvette to be denied the opportunity to race, but on occasion it could happen if you go un-prepared... therefore follow the brief rules I have listed below, and you should have a Fun Day Racing !!

Rules for cars that run et's 11.50 and slower

Make sure your battery is strapped in well.

Make sure your coolant overflow is in operational condition.

Make sure your tires are within reasonable condition.

Make sure you have a SN95 rated Helmet

Shorts and tank tops are not allowed while you race, therefore at the very least bring a short or long sleeved shirt and long pants with you.

If you are running aftermarket wheels, make sure your studs comes out at a distant that is at least equal to the diameter of the stud below the rim of the stud. (Make sure you utilize an open ended lugnut if you are running a slick tire.)

Make sure none of your studs or lugnuts are broken.

If you have a convertible, you must have a 5 point rollbar installed if you run 13.49 or quicker. See the 11.49 and quicker section for details on the rollbar.

Make sure your seatbelt is fully functional.

NO LEAKS, such as oil or antifreeze.

Make sure your shifter has the ability to lock-out the ignition if in gear.

If you have hubcaps... remove them.

Commons sense goes a long way... for example, do not show up at tech with a windshield that is basically shattered, or a front spoiler that is dragging on the ground... you get the idea.

If you are running Nitrous Oxide, refer to your NHRA/IHRA Rulebook for all of your installation and safety rules.

Some tracks have a noise limit (Typically in the 100decibel area), therefore cap up your exhaust if necessary.(I recommend you call your track for details on this limit)

Rules for cars that run et's 11.49-11.00

All of the above

Fire Jacket - SFI spec 3.2A/1 (Should be clearly labeled on the jacket)

5 point 3" Driver Restraint System. Must be labeled SFI spec 16.1 System must also have manufacture date shown. The restraint system must be updated every 2 years.

5 Point Rollbar. All roll bars must be within 6" of the rear, or side, of the driver's head, extend in height at least 3" above the driver's helmet with driver in the normal driving position, and be at least as wide as the drivers shoulders or within 1" of the drivers door. The Sidebar must be including on the driver's side and must pass the driver at a point midway between the shoulder and elbow. Rollbar must be attached to the frame on OEM cars. All materials must be 1.75" OD x .118" thickness with Mild Steel. or .083" thickness for Chrome Moly. (I do not have all of the details listed here. I highly recommend that your acquire a NHRA/IHRA current year rulebook for more detailed specifics.)

For cars that run 10.99 or quicker please refer to your NHRA Rulebook.

I probably have not listed all of the rules above, but it should be a good starting point for most of you. But most importantly, and especially for the racers who plan on running your racecar 11.49 or quicker, I highly recommend you acquire a NHRA/IHRA current year Rulebook. If you become a NHRA member, you will receive the new annual rulebook automatically every year as an added benefit.

One last note on passing tech, be prepared, get your hood open and your drivers license available, and have a good attitude. Minor infractions are sometimes overlooked if you present yourself in a respectful manor.

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