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2002 Schedule/Results
04/06/02 - Edgar Perez
05/25/02 - Bill Wilson
06/29/02 - Mike Carr
07/13/02 - Edgar Perez
07/27/02 - Rob Farley
08/17/02 - Bob Sebrowksi *
08/31/02 - Ralph Savarese
09/21/02 - Aaron Askenback
10/26/02 - Ellis Gray
11/02/02 - Ralph Savarese*
11/09/02 - Tom Dulski*
englishtown weather
* non-points race
2002 Schedule/Results
Quick 4
07/27/02 - Keith Brownlee
09/21/02 - Brian Miller
11/02/02 - Keith Brownlee
Quick 4
Featured Drivers

2002 Event 10 winner Tom Dulski
2002 Event 10 winner Tom Dulski

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Nick Goldman
John Mackey
Edgar Perez
Frank Schear
Lenny Marotta
Beserko Bob
Bob Morgan
Featured Drivers
Official Final Top 10
1 Ralph Savarese 38 *
2 Edgar Perez 37 **
3 Rob Farley (r) 32 *
4 Aaron Askenback 28 *
5 Bill Wilson (r) 24 *
6 John Panuzzo 24
7 Bill Maloney 23
7 Vic Gandhi 23  
9 Jim Kovitch 22
10 Jack Schwarzwalder (r) 20
Complete Final Standings here
(r) - Rookie        * - Event Win
Top 10
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Auto Racing Daily Newsfeed

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