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Today is Saturday March 24, 2018      
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Chris Young Fat Tires a Win in Race 3. Shen New Points Leader

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Performance Engineering Pro 10 Double Index
presented by J&M Motorsports
1  Shawn Cavanagh 10.500 120.07
2  Tommy Michalkowski 10.505 107.26
3  Edgar Perez 10.531 127.51
4  David Shen 10.053 134.54
5  Christopher Young 10.060 134.79
6  Jay McCardle, Jr. 10.099 136.52
7  Mark Shaw 10.127 139.01
8  David Harris 10.630 125.63
9  Doug Ring 10.289 126.92
07/25/09 - Englishtown, NJ - Summer finally arrived today as we raced our third Cartek Performance Engineering Pro 10 Double Index presented by J & M Motorsports of the season. Third race and third different winner of the season with Chris Young getting his first of the season. With temperatures approaching 90 for the first time this year, drivers would be needing to tune and tweak to make their indexes to be competitive. Of course it helps to have a car that is more than capable of running the index and it was evident some of our racers did while others struggled. We did not go without drama as event winner Chris Young found a flat on a slick and was rescued by Mark Shaw, who had a set of spare slicks in his trailer and loaned them to him. To say the offset of the wheels was a little off, would have been an understatement. The tires were actually the same size as what Young was running, 28 x 11.5 x 15. The difference was the wheels. Mark's wheels are Weld draglites with 4 1/2 inch backspacing. The reason they don't tuck under Young's car is Shaw runs offsetting trailing arms for his C3 IRS setup so he actually has a narrower rear end than the C4. That is why those tires looked so odd.

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Fat Tires


The 10.50 cars were first on the track for qualifying as we run the two groups separately. This is necessary in order to have the computer calculate the correct over/under number on the index as we do not have a program available to us that can handle the two indexes which is why we qualify the groups separately. They were followed by the 10.00 group. When all was said and done, 9 Corvettes made qualifying attempts and all were in the field of up to 16 cars. Edgar Perez held the number one spot in his 1999 Torch Red Corvette Coupe running an all natural Vette Doctors built 402cid motor with 10.531 on 10.50 index. He was followed by David Shen in his 1965 Red Corvette Coupe with 383cid motor and just enough nitrous to beat the heat to run in the 10.00 index class. He was in at 10.053 on 10.00 index. Next in the qualifying order was Chris Young driving his 383cid naturally aspirated 1994 Quasar Blue C4. He was in at 10.060 @ 134.79 on 10.00 index. The fourth position was held by a 346cid East Coast Supercharging built Corvette owned by Shawn Cavanagh (2003 Spiral Gray). Cavanagh was in at 10.618 @ 128.80 on 10.50 index. He was followed by another ECS supercharged entry driven by Jay McCardle in a Nassau Blue Corvette sporting a Paxton Supercharger. He was fifth with 10.122 @ 136.40 on 10.00 index. The sixth position was held by Mark Shaw, with the biggest motor in the class at 555cid. Shaw drives the 1970 Red Corvette with the black hood and was in at 10.194 on 10.00 index. East Coast Supercharging co-owner Doug Ring held the seventh position with his 402cid supercharged entry at 10.399 on 10.00 index. The next two drivers each drove under their 10.50 index. Anger Management Racing owner Tommy Michalkowski was in the eighth spot with his Silver turbo charged 1997 Corvette Coupe with a 10.488 @ 130.99. Holding the ninth and final spot was David Harris in a 2003 supercharged entry built by ECS as well. He was in with a 10.479 @ 133.94

Runner Up Group Winner
Runner-up David Shen Winner Chris Young kneeling, standing Mike Calicchia, Debi Young and Bob Trieschmann Winner Chris Young
Photos by Edgar Perez and Vivian Harris. For over 7,000 Corvette Photos, click here.

For the second round of qualifying all of the drivers came back and attempted to improve on their qualifying times. Again the 10.50 cars were out first. In the first pair out, Shawn Cavanagh took the number one position in qualifying with a 10.500 dead-on pass on his index at 120.07 mph. Then right after he made that pass, Tommy Michalkowski improved to from 8th to the number 2 position with another dead-on pass. Tommy ran 10.505 @ 107.26 mph. Perez did not improve on his time and fell to third. Shen improved by .02 but did not change position. McCardle improved his time to 10.099 but did not move up either. David Harris also got on the positive side of his index and moved up to the eighth spot with a 10.630 @ 125.63. Doug Ring improved his time to 10.289 but fell to ninth with Harris moving up.

Round 1

David Shen (4) would face David Harris (8) in round 1 in the battle of the Dave's. Harris being a 10.50 racer would leave first and Shen would follow a half-second later. Harris was going deep and as he was doing so, rolled through just as the clock started and scored himself a -.463 red light and a loss. Shen did not appear to be distracted and would follow cutting a .070 light and running 10.107 @ 126.89. Harris ran 10.082 during the loss which caused him to incur a 20 point penalty for going under the index. However, his time slip showed a 1.11 60' making the sub-index run questionable and the penalty is under review and may be lifted. The next pair, Tommy Michalkowski (2) vs. Jay McCardle (6) came to the line. A mixed index pair, Tommy would leave first. His reaction time was .238 and McCardle's was better with .159. Tommy ran closer to his index with a 10.511 @ 132.53 but McCardle’s got him the win coupled with a 10.074 @ 132.23. Chris Young (5) would face Doug Ring (9) next. This pair was straight up 10.00 index. Ring leaves ahead of Young with a .058 to .081 reaction time advantage. Ring's car is a solid 8.50 index competitor and he tunes it down to race in the 10.0 index. It is still a guessing game for him. He has not found the right spot this year and ended up running under the index with a 9.962 @ 114.50 on the brakes. Young took the win with a 10.049 @ 134.82. Ring picks up a 20 point penalty for running under. The next pair, Edgar Perez (3) and Mark Shaw (7), was also a mixed pair with Perez leaving first. Perez took the tree advantage, .035 to .164. It was enough to get the win with a 10.667 @ 127.41 to Shaw's 10.067 @ 139.86. The final driver on the track had a bye run due to the uneven number of cars in the round. Shawn Cavanagh (1) would take the single to work on his light. He cuts a .037 light and runs 10.673 W 109.56 lifting early to not risk a penalty for going under.

Round 2

We go to round 2 with five Corvettes remaining. First pair out is Cavanagh (1) and Shen (4). Shen would give up the half second to Cavanagh the start. Cavanagh leaves with a .046 advantage to Shen's .055. Cavanagh went on to take the stripe but lost the race because he ran quicker than his index. Cavanagh ran 10.483 @ 122.99. The run cost him not only the race but 20 points as he incurs a penalty for running under. Shen meanwhile, by winning this round, brought himself within a few points of taking the points lead with a 10.071 @ 133.79. Up next, Edgar Perez (3) and Chris Young (5). The winner of this pair would get a bye into the final. Perez would leave first on the 10.50 index and cuts a .085 light. Young would follow with a .124 light. The heat was too much for Perez and he could only run a 10.695 @ 124.13 and Young would take the win by .03. His pass was a 10.122 @ 129.13. Jay McCardle (6) would have a bye run and would cut a .003 light and go 10.137 @ 136.88.

Round 3

Nothing but 10.00 cars left now and for the first time this year will not have a mixed index final. Shen (4) would face McCardle (6) in a nitrous vs. supercharger race. McCardle kills the tree with a .006 light and Shen would follow with a .041. Shen would have to run closer to the index to take the win. That he did! 10.037 @ 134.44 beats a 10.077 @ 135.01 in the tight finish. This win puts Dave in the points lead and into his second final in a row. Shen, a former Champion in this class can work the finish line beautifully. Chris Young (5) would get the bye run into final as previously stated. He did not try to cut the tree down with a .326 but he did try to go perfect on the run with a 10.010 @ 135.39. Nice job.

2009 Race 3 Ladder

Final Round

Young (5), with lane choice, thanks to his 10.010 pass the prior round, lines up in the left lane and Shen (4) takes the right. The tree flashes and both cars are away green. Young takes the lead with .035 to .099. Just as Shen left the line however, he immediately went wide and had to get off the throttle to avoid incident (we have video of this). Young looked back and saw Shen was nowhere near him and lifted coasting to a 10.420 @ 102.95 win. Shen cut a tire causing him to lose traction. This is Young's third win in three finals appearances in the Pro 10 class. He has one win in each of the last three years. Shen does leave with the points lead in addition to his flat tire so it was not an all bad day. Congratulations to our finalists and participants.

With a long hiatus before our next Pro 10 race, October 10, we are hoping this gives both Shen and Young time to fix or replace their tires as well as some of the other potential Pro 10 drivers a chance to get out a race. Rumor has it George Smith has been seen out testing and Mike Calicchia is about a week away from getting his Cartek built supercharged entry on the road. Joe Latona, Tom Sabolevsky and a new ECS entry were expected this race but last minute changes prevented their attendance. We are looking to break our record of 14 entries at the next race.

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Chris Young earned a payout of $160 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up David Shen earned a payout of $80 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Semi-finalist Jay McCardle earned a payout of $40
  • Number 1 Qualifier Shawn Cavanagh received a plaque for his 10.50 qualifying run
  • Edgar Perez received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .035

2009 Points Standings

We have a new points leader. David Shen moves into the top spot in the standings with his runner-up performance. Shen scored 95 points today to move him to a total of 267. This bumps Edgar Perez down to 2nd place after failing to get out of round 2 scoring 56 points to move to a total of 249 points. Perez came in with 21 point and Shen leaves with an 18 point lead. Shen and Perez will represent the class in the PC Richard and Son Show Wednesday night, August 5th. Chris Young's win moved him right to third place in the standings with a total of 204. Mark Shaw is now in fourth place overall with 159 total points. That spot might have been Shawn Cavanagh's but he picked up a penalty today for running under his 10.50 index and thus is now in fifth place with 149 total points. With two races left, this is the tightest race in our four-year history with only just over three rounds separating our top 3 racers.
Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. David Shen 58 172 267 341 376 1 10 10.070 
2. Edgar Perez 95 193 249 286 364 0 9 10.556 
3. Shawn Cavanagh 34 111 149 247 283 1 7 10.583 
4. David Harris 56 109 142 176 273 1 6 10.591 
5. Christopher Young 37 90 204 204 204 1 5 10.099 
6. Mark Shaw 92 126 159 159 159 1 4 10.152 
7. Jay McCardle, Jr. 33 68 142 142 142 0 2 10.131 
8. Tommy Michalkowski 0 36 73 73 73 0 0 10.526 
9. Joseph Latona 54 54 54 54 54 0 2 10.632 
10. Thomas Sabolevsky 10 42 42 42 42 0 0 13.194 
11. Robert Zona 32 32 32 32 32 0 0 11.617 
12. Doug Ring 0 0 12 27 27 0 0 13.622 
13. Marc Scharago 11 11 11 11 11 0 0 10.389 

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Next Race

October 10, 2009 with gates opening at 9:30 AM. This will be our fourth points race of the year. Our season finale will follow on October 31.

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