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Wayne Keegan Clinches Championship while Chris Young Wins Race 5

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index
presented by J&M Motorsports
1  David Harris 6.491 111.47
2  Chris Young 6.660 94.01
3  Russ DeLibero 6.672 107.42
4  Wayne Keegan 6.696 98.41
5  Edgar Perez 6.709 104.98
6  Jay McCardle 6.713 107.74
11/22/08 - Englishtown, NJ - It took until the final weekend at Raceway Park to complete the 2008 Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by J & M Motorsports. A bitter cold came into New Jersey with temperatures atthe track's opening today barely above freezing with a wind-chill in the teens and it had drivers bundled up but ready to race. A championship was on the line for the class with points leader Wayne Keegan and Jay McCardle, 2nd in points, present. The cold and the 20 mph winds were key points that led Raceway Park to decide to run the entire event to the 1/8th mile only. Racing to the top end was deemed not safe or wise given the weather conditions. This meant the 10.0 index would be brought down to the 6.40, the NHRA 1/8th mile converted E.T. for their 10.0 indexes. This would be a new challenge for some of our racers, several of which are capable of going well under the mark. As we normally do, some of our index racers also participated in the bracket class in the Corvette Challenge.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.


Six Corvettes made it out to race today. Keegan and McCardle were there of course. They were joined by series regulars Christopher Young and Edgar Perez. We had one of our sponsors make it out, Russ DeLibero, and a new driver David Harris in a 2003 Black Corvette Coupe sporting an ECS Paxton Novi 2000 Supercharger. After one round of qualifying it was Russ DeLibero sitting at the top of the list with a 6.672 @ 107.42 MPH in the Black Z06 with 88 MM turbo, 383 cid motor and Cartek heads and cam. Edgar Perez held the no. 2 position with a 6.709 @ 104.98 in the Vette Doctors built 402 cid naturally aspirated Torch Red Coupe. Jay McCardle, another ECS Supercharged entry, was in the third spot with a 6.713 @ 107.74 in the Nassau Blue Corvette Coupe. David Harris put his Corvette in the fourth position with a 6.830 @ 110.10. Chris Young, the 434 cid entry built by himself, Uncle Ralph and Paul "The Hat" Thompson, was in the fifth spot going under the index in the Quasar Blue C4 Corvette with a 6.206 @ 111.29. Wayne Keegan chose to make a qualifying pass in Pro 8 Shootout instead of Pro 10 hoping to make the second qualifier.

Often times the 2nd round of qualifying does not bring much change to the ladder but today was different. Since many of the drivers were running 1/8th mile for the first time, they needed a pass to adjust. David Harris was able to improve his time to take the number 1 qualifying position. He piloted the supercharged Corvette to a 6.491 @ 111.47. Chris Young, moved from fifth to second overall when he slowed his ride to a 6.660 @ 94.01. The number was fitting as he was driving with some devil looking creature in the car that kept everyone away. It was naked too! Delibero fell to third not improving on his 6.72. Wayne Keegan got into the fourth spot in his only qualifying attempt in the Conway C4 Corvette. He was in with a 6.696 @ 98.41. Edgar Perez was dropped to the fifth spot also unable to improve on his 1st qualifying time. The shame of it is, I had run a 6.48 on the first pass of the day which would have been good enough for number 1 but it was in the Corvette Challenge lanes. In the sixth and final spot was Jay McCardle. He fell from third to sixth this round as he was not able to improve on his first time. The class was set with a field from 6.491 to 6.713. Today's field of 6 cars is third tightest of the season (.17, .20 and today's .22) and fourth in our history of Pro 10.0 when looking at the top 6 drivers, comapring apples to apples.

Round 1

The first pair on the track was DeLibero (3) v. McCardle (6). McCardle was out at a track rental on Tuesday and hurt his transmission. Doug Ring at ECS gave him a loaner to put in as Jay had a chance at a Championship in the class if we had more than 8 cars. He thrashed all day Friday to get the transmission swapped in his garage. He was able to complete the task and make it here today to take the shot. Unfortunately, there were only six cars and there would not be enough rounds for him to capture the title. This meant Wayne Keegan had already clinched the Championship by being here, More on that later, now back to the race. McCardle got out first with a .102 reaction time on the .500 pro tree that the class uses. Russ followed but had an issue getting the car down track or should I say down half-track. Russ ran a 10.165, yes a 10 on the half track but still took the win light. McCardle took too much stripe going 6.391 @ 98.46. To add to the unneeded breakout loss, he took a 20 point penalty for going under the index. It did not hurt him, he still had runner-up up for the season in the Pro 10.0. The next pair was Chris Young (2) v. Edgar Perez (5). I knew I could not go under the index and he could under so my only hope was to go after it on the tree and make it tight. It did not happen. Young got the tree, .046 to my .178 (should have gone deep). Although I ran closer to the index, 6.465, Young took the hole-shot win on the brakes with a 6.506 @ 86.97. The final pair was Harris (1) v. Keegan (4). Keegan left first with a .036 light and Harris followed with a .099. Keegan, however, was beaten by Harris' dead-on run, 6.402 on the .40 index. Keegan finished the run with a 7.086 @ 76.22.

Round 2

Harris, the number 1 qualifier, would get a bye this round as the class was now uneven with 3 cars remaining. He made a safe and soft pass to record the win. Chris Young (2) would face DeLibero (3) next. Young chops the tree down with a .028 light to Russ's .222. All Young had to do was take enough stripe and he did and not go under the index time. He ran a 6.617 @ 80.92 while Russ could not catch him with a 6.947.

Final Round

Now number 1 and number 2 qualifiers would face off in the final. Harris (1) staged the car as did Young (2). Before Young could finish staging though, Harris was gone. He left before the tree was activated and that gave the win to Young. Having seen this Young sat there and took a 1.215 reaction time and a 10.144 run on the 6.40 index. He needed the break as he was going round and round doing well in the Corvette Challenge, which he went on to win as well, and his Corvette's transmisson was getting hot so he got off the brake. This was Young's second Pro 10.0 win having won the the first event of 2007.

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Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Chris Young earned a payout of $160 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up David Harris earned a payout of $80 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Semi-finalists Russ DeLibero earned a payout of $40.
  • Number 1 Qualifier David Harris received a plaque for his 6.491 qualifying run on the 6.40 1/8th mile index
  • Chris Young received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .046

2008 Points Standings

What a great points season we had. Wayne Keegan got off to a great start winning three events in a row and was seemingly running away with it. Then in race four, he lost in the final to Jay McCardle by going under the index costing him a 20 point penalty. That opened the door for McCardle to make a move for the Championship in the final race of the season. Jay needed Keegan not to get out first round, which he did not, and for himself to win the event. Not just win the event but it needed to be a four round event, meaning more than 8 Corvettes. That did not happen as turnout was down due to the cold weather so Wayne locked it up before first round simply by entering the race. That was good for him as he hurt his car and had to borrow a car and did not advance to round 2. Keegan finishes the season with 431 points. Keegan then later drove the Corvette owned by the late Leo Barnaby III in memory of him. The final pass in Leo's Corvette was capped when Keegan pulled the parchute spraying Leo Barnaby III's ashes from the thousand foot mark to the finish line. Leo will now be watching out for us at the 1000'. May he rest in peace. Despite McCardle losing round 1 and obtaining penalty, he was able to hold onto the runner-up position for the season. McCardle finishes the season with 342 points. Both drivers will be presented with their trophies and jackets at our awards banquet on Saturday January 31, 2009, Super Bowl Weekend, at the Crowne Plaza. Chris Young's win today moved him to the third position in the chase. His win brought him to 277 to overtake Joe Latona who finishes fourth with 222. Latona did not make the event. Marc Scharago, who also did not make the event, rounds out the top 5 with 186 points.
Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. Wayne Keegan 112 228 340 396 431 3 14 10.071 
2. Jay McCardle 78 175 233 328 342 1 9 10.164 
3. Chris Young 33 87 143 180 277 1 5 10.356 
4. Joe Latona 56 90 184 222 222 0 4 10.302 
5. Marc Scharago 57 115 152 186 186 0 4 10.141 
6. Edgar Perez 35 67 100 133 167 0 0 10.668 
7. Alan Eckert 34 67 142 142 142 0 2 10.411 
8. Mark Shaw 92 105 139 139 139 0 3 10.376 
9. David Shen 52 84 84 84 84 0 2  
10. Rob Zona 0 32 65 65 65 0 0 11.458 
11. Tommy Michalkowski 0 0 0 34 34 0 1 10.167 
12. Michael Conway 34 34 34 34 34 0 0 10.951 
13. Edward Monari 33 33 33 33 33 0 0 11.424 

As always, we couldn't enjoy our passion for racing without the support of our sponsors:

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Next Race

Our third season for the Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 has come to a close. Wayne Keegan joins David Shen ('07) and David Outten ('06) as class Champions. Will our fourth season brings us our fourth Champion? We will be announcing the 2009 schedule as soon as we can. We look forward to another great season next year. See you in March!

Changes for 2009

11/25/2008 - Beginning 2009, the Pro 10.0 will have two indexes. Corvettes will compete as either a 10.00 or 10.50 index car. Racers will compete together in one Pro 10 class. It will be a mixed index class meaning pairings can be 10.00 v. 10.00 or 10.50 v. 10.50 or 10.00 v. 10.50. A handicapped Pro .500 tree will be used when cars are in different indexes. Expanding the index opens the class to additional racers and full fields of 16 Corvettes. The change should also eliminate the empty bye runs we experienced at several races in 2008 providing more competitive racing. More details will be forthcoming.

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