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Today is Tuesday March 20, 2018      
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Wayne Keegan by a Thread in Pro 10.0 Race 1

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by J&M Motorsports
1  Jay McCardle 10.003 133.63
2  Marc Scharago 10.136 137.01
3  Joe Latona 10.334 122.53
4  Edgar Perez 10.530 125.8
5  Alan Eckert 10.576 131.42
6  Michael Conway 10.951 126.85
7  Chris Young 11.017 121.34
8  Edward Monari 11.424 117.61
9  David Shen 9.924 132.15
10  Wayne Keegan 9.950 132.06
11  Mark Shaw 9.822 117.61
03/29/08 - Englishtown, NJ - The start of the Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables was not short of drama. The expansion of the field for 16 cars provided some much needed breathing room for several of our drivers. The opening race of the season left them feeling out how to slow the Corvettes into the tens with their combinations. We had a couple of serious contenders who had to enter the race in back up cars in order to keep pace in the points and a couple of new drivers for the class as well that saw two Corvettes hit 10.00 dead-on today. The third season of the Pro 10.0 will prove to be the most competitive of them all.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.


In all, 11 Corvettes came to battle in the Pro 10.0 today. This meant we would not see a bump spot and all would get in to the eliminations. It also meant that with an uneven count, bye runs would be a part of the Pro 10.0 for the first time. When the dust settled after the first round of qualifying, Joe Latona, in the White C5, sat on top of the ladder with a 10.344. Latona, fresh off winning the 2008 Warm-up Corvette Challenge where he ran all motor, had Anger Management put in a small nitrous shot to get closer to the magic 10.00 and it worked. Mark Scharago, who normally is putting together stellar East Coast Supercharging combinations, finally found the time to work on his own Black C5 convertible and made his first pass ever with his Novi supercharged entry. He had a little issue when tapping the rev limiter before his qualifier but worked it out and made a qualifying pass. He left a little sideways but he still got it across the finish line in the 2nd spot with a 10.499 @ 136.24 mph. Edgar Perez was in the third spot with the naturally aspirated 402 LS2 setup prepped by The Vette Doctors with a 10.530 @ 125.80. The Pro 10.0 was only one of the four classes Perez was running today. Alan Eckert was in the 4th spot with his new-to-him Commemorative 2003 Z06 sporting the East Coast Supercharging Novi 2000 supercharger on drag radials and an automatic transmission conversion by RPM Transmission running 10.576 @ 131.42. Michael Conway was back in his nitrous fed Torch Red Corvette sporting a nitrous system that has a big and a little bottle. The system uses the smaller bottle to help keep the pressure up on the bigger bottle. With all that, Conway was in the 5th spot at 10.951 @ 126.85. Why? The nitrous failed as a line problem prevented it from working. The next two drivers, Chris Young and Edward Monari, had yet to be completed Corvettes and chose to borrow Corvettes to compete in the class to keep pace in the points standings. Young grabbed the 6th spot with Uncle Ralphie's C4 running 11.017 @ 121.34. Monari's C4 is almost done and should be ready for our Pro 8 Shootout April 12th so he jumped into Dennis Kazimir's C5 and was in the 7th spot with an 11.424 @ 117.61. The remaining four drivers should have been at the top of the field but all went under 10.00, which in eliminations is a very bad thing and in qualifying last year would have meant they did would not make the field but with a 16 field this year, it just meant they go to the bottom. Jay McCardle was in the 8th spot with a 9.964 @ 133.80 in his Nassau Blue C5. In the 9th spot we find our 2008 Champion, David Shen, whose 383 cid naturally aspirated motor is still for sale, with a 9.923 @ 133.12. Wayne Keegan freshened his 468 cid motor over the winter and was running with a bottle in the car but not connected so it was all natural. He also converted the car to electronic fuel injection over the winter. He sat in the 10th spot with a 9.792 @ 137.25. Our Pro 8 Shootout Champion, Mark Shaw, was out with his 511 cid nitrous C3 tuning it down to the ten's. His first attempt was the too quick with a 9.668 @ 140.65.

There is a very interesting note here on the Corvettes in this field. We had all three 2007 class Champions cars in this class today. Pro 10.0 Champion, David Shen returned with his '67. Mark Shaw entered his Pro 8 Shootout Champion '70 Corvette. Chris Young drove Ralph Savarese's Corvette Challenge Champion '85 Corvette. Pretty cool.

Some of our double, triple and quadruple duty cars sat out the second round of qualifying but we still had some very exciting passes in the class. Jay McCardle found what he needed to get his car into the tens and jumped from the 8th spot right to number one with a dead-on 10.003. This is the first ever 10.00 pass in the history of the Pro 10.0 competition. Marc Scharago improved his position by jumping over Latona (now 3rd) with a 10.136 2 137.01 in the convertible he drove to the track. Michael Conway got the nitrous to work but did not improve his 6th position as he went way under the 10.0 running low 9's. David Shen switched from four barrel carb to two but it did not help much. His ET improved by .001 so he remained in the 9th spot with a 9.924. Wayne Keegan improved but still went under. He remained in number 10 with a 9.980 and Mark Shaw also improved but not enough with a 9.822.

Round 1

11 racers in the first round of the first 16-car field of the Pro 10.0 and we are about to get under way. First round was our defending class Champion, David Shen, against yours truly Edgar Perez. Shen having gone under 10.0 twice today had to be careful not to break out. I offered to put a deposit down on his for sale motor (which I would later let him keep of course) with the stipulation that it could not be raced (he he) but the offer wasn't enough or he was onto me. Shen tried to get rid of the lucky "Leprechaun" that he says I carry in my car but I wasn't having any of that either. We lined them up and the lights were set. As we waited for the tree, I got anxious and jumped a little, lifted and the tree lit and hit it again! Car said, "I don't like that!" and went nowhere. Shen took off with a .432 light! I had a shot! I snapped the transaxle shaft and had to be pushed off the line. I guess running in 4 classes in one day might be a bit much? Shame as I would have been 3 out of 4 if I got Dave. Shen struggled to an 11.725 but was on his way to the second round in his attempt to win 5 Pro 10.0's in a row. Next was current Pro 8 Shootout Champion, Mark Shaw against Michael Conway. Shaw took the win with .196 light as Conway was better at the tree, .130, but had trouble completing the run. Shaw crossed the traps with a 10.506 @ 134.23. Next up was Scharago vs. Young. Scharago knew he had the advantage on paper so sat on the tree a little. Young was out first with a .155 in the C4 owned by his uncle and ran an 11.427 @ 119.41. Scharago chased him down and took the win with a 10.506 @ 119.76. Looked like a "Catch and release". The following pair was Latona vs. Monari. Monari was out of the hole first with a .231 light and Latona followed with a .312. Monari was running Kazimir's car, capable of mid 11's, so Latona would have the edge. Latona took his first Pro 10.0 win with a 10.344 @ 124.59 to Monari's 11.427 @ 117.89. Wayne "Wheels Up" Keegan took the air package of the day and was up against Eckert next. Keegan had not gotten above 10.0 yet so was also in jeopardy of breaking out. He was sporting a new EFI system that would help him tune the car. Keegan was working with well known EFI tuner Dale Cherry to get the new system tuned in. Not to be undone by McCardle's earlier dead-on, Keegan pulled a dead-on of his own running 10.008 @ 115.47 to cap his .087 RT. Eckert was out-gunned and got a good view of the wheels up Keegan launch with a .333 RT and 10.735 @ 134.16 mph. With the class having an uneven number of cars, the number one qualifier, Jay McCardle would get a bye run this round. Since we do have a penalty for going under and McCardle had done it once already, he made an easy pass to make the win official. It was a very safe 14.387 @ 95.69.

Round 2

Down to five cars and Shaw and Latona would square off first. Latona cut a very impressive .024 reaction time and was making Shaw work the round. Shaw followed with a .053 RT. Latona’s attempt at a hole-shot win missed by a margin of .107. Shaw was first with a 10.309 @ 138.54 and Latona just missed with a 10.445 @ 126.96. Shaw was on his way to the next round and Latona is hooked and vowed to step up the shot to remain competitive in the Pro 10.0. Next up we would see McCardle and Shen. McCardle treed the Champ with a .117 to .245 but the cars performance was evenly matched. How evenly, McCardle lit the win light with a 10.183 @ 125.39 to Shen's 10.171 @ 128.16. McCardle had taken out the champ and ended his 4-race win streak. Nice accomplishment for the supercharged driver. Keegan would face Scharago next. Scharago got the lead out of the hole with a .213 to Keegan's .238. Keegan caught him however and drove around him and took the win with a 10.090 @ 114.30 to Scharago 10.316 @ 131.66.

Round 3

Now we are down to three. Shaw would race McCardle. As the Corvettes lined up and readied for the battle, McCardle rolled a little deeper than he wanted to. Unfortunately the car continued to roll and lit the foul light. Shaw saw the movement and followed suit and was red himself with a -.330 but gets the win as McCardle fouled. Shaw ran out the run with a 10.171 @ 139.36. Keegan would get the bye run into the final and rolled out his C3 to the tree. He left with a .104 reaction time and ran a 10.171 @ 101.64 being cautious not to break out and suffer the penalty. This was a prelude to a great final with both winners running 10.17.

Final Round

The final featured two Red C3 Corvettes. Keegan was out of the gate first with a stellar .026 reaction time. Shaw followed with a close .082 of his own. They were dead-even when Keegan's front wheels finally came down and ran up the track side-by-side race the rest of the way. We could not have asked for a better race as the drivers were locked in the tight duel the entire track. Neither driver could have been able to tell who took the win at the finish as it was a six-thousandths of a second win. The win went to Keegan on a hole-shot. Keegan ran 10.102 @ 126.41 to the quicker but losing 10.052 @ 140.42 for Shaw. The two drivers put on a very exciting final. It appears that in its third year of competition, the Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 is at the point where several drivers can be dead-on 10.0 at any point in time. The complexity however is heightened with the class now being a 16-car field meaning drivers have to do it 4 times not just three. It will be a true test of consistency.

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Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Wayne Keegan earned a payout of $100 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Mark Shaw earned a payout of $50 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier Jay McCardle received a plaque for his 10.003 qualifying run
  • Wayne Keegan received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .087

2008 Points Standings

Points after Race 1 are easy as where you finished is where you stand. Reigning Champion David Shen finds himself two rounds back after having his four race win streak snapped in round 2. Wayne Keegan sits atop the points with Mark Shaw behind him.
Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. Wayne Keegan 112 228 340 396 431 3 14 10.071 
2. Jay McCardle 78 175 233 328 342 1 9 10.164 
3. Chris Young 33 87 143 180 277 1 5 10.356 
4. Joe Latona 56 90 184 222 222 0 4 10.302 
5. Marc Scharago 57 115 152 186 186 0 4 10.141 
6. Edgar Perez 35 67 100 133 167 0 0 10.668 
7. Alan Eckert 34 67 142 142 142 0 2 10.411 
8. Mark Shaw 92 105 139 139 139 0 3 10.376 
9. David Shen 52 84 84 84 84 0 2  
10. Rob Zona 0 32 65 65 65 0 0 11.458 
11. Tommy Michalkowski 0 0 0 34 34 0 1 10.167 
12. Michael Conway 34 34 34 34 34 0 0 10.951 
13. Edward Monari 33 33 33 33 33 0 0 11.424 

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Next Race

The next Pro 10.0 race of 2008 is April 26, 2008 with the gates opening at 9:30. If yo have a 10-second or low 11 second ride, check us out. Be sure and check out all the action if you not race as the competition heats up for this heads-up index class.


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