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Today is Sunday March 18, 2018      
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Rookie Reigns and Michael Archibald Wins Event 3

By Edgar Perez

April 14, 2007: Today was a first for the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge presented by Yank Racing Converters and Gear Star Transmission today. For the first time, we had a double header session where we ran one Event in the first session at 11 am and a second event at 4 pm. This was due to an earlier rainout. Racers came out in the hopes of doubling up in wins but competition as tough as it is with this series it was not likely. Michael Archibald showed it is not so hard to win being a points rookie and taking the event win over Ken Tyler, both first time finalists. Archibald is the second rookie to win an Event with Rick White being the first to do it in 2004 Event 9. Not an easy feat at all but it shows it can and does happen.

77 Corvettes made first round for this event. We are in the midst of a tight portion of the season with today's double header and we race again next week so hang on because points will be adding up fast.

For today's Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 coverage click here.

Round one - The quest for holding back three-time Champion hopefuls Ralph Savarese and Rob Farley means drivers are gunning for the two. Farley escaped the first round when he took a win over Ross Bartick. Farley was .042 on the tree and 12.810 on 12.80 dial @ 99.74 mph....on the brakes of course. Savarese would not be as fortunate. Al Betz paired with Savarese and Betz is a very good racer so Savarese had to step it up. Betz dialed in at 12.98 cut a .089 reaction time while Savarese, dialed 10.99, left red with a -.014 and was on the way to the stands and to watch the rest of the race. Chris Young was doubling up running both the Corvette Challenge and the Pro 10.0 and lit the tree to a perfect .000 in this round ending Joe Latona's (who also was doubling up) day as he broke out trying to catch Young running 11.062 @ 115.97 on 11.10 dial. A shame because Latona's .032 light would have been good enough to win just about any other match up. Speaking of great lights not winning, enter Devon Bole. A reaction time of .003 has great odds of taking you to a win but it did not happen for Bole who broke out running 13.516 on 13.54 dial sending Raymond Sztabnik to the next round with a 12.366 on 13.34 dial and .244 RT. Rookie Chris Haase who enjoyed great success last year getting ready for this season, took another first round loss. Haase was late on the tree with a .179 and Frank Fiori sent him packing on the strength of a .042 reaction time and 12.675 on 12.67 dial at 102.59 mph. For the second race in a row, Sheila Murchan took out Bob Korreck. Murchan used a .024 to .098 reaction time advantage to take the win running 15.030 on 14.98 dial to his 13.030 on 12.89 dial. Joe Signore used a .002 reaction time to defeat Shawn Cavanagh. Cavanagh was late on the tree with his 10.95 dial and Signore was able to slow to the win running 12.670 @ 99.04 on 12.48 dial. Al Raven's reaction time of .026 had him on the way against Ellis Gray with a .136 but the car failed him and he could not run his 11.00 dial running 11.571 while Ellis went 11.180 @ 111.72 on 11.03 dial. Ed Mowton got the lucky draw and the single in this round and lucky he was as he can only muster a 12.527 on 11.95 dial and -.127 reaction time. Cartek Racing co-owner Dave Busch was out testing Ernie King's C5 and was doing quite well despite not being on its CCW drag package. The car did well running 10.838 on 10.80 dial though Busch's light left him with no chance to win and Eric Fischer was able to advance with an 11.866 on 11.77 dial @ 103.67. Louis Calicchia got himself a brand new 2007 convertible C6 Corvette and promptly handed it to son Mike with 1500 miles on it to race in the Corvette Challenge....thanks dad! Mike struggled to hold back the C6 to 13.50 as it is convertible without a roll bar and broke out running 13.375 at 98.72 on 13.50 dial in the first round match up against Bob Sebrowski.

Eventual finalist Ken Tyler paired with Frank Schear in this round. Tyler from Mohegan Lake, NY drives a 2003 Corvette and was dialed 12.33 to Schear's 13.10 Corvette. Schear was off first and red with a -.049 giving Tyler the pass to round 2 and Tyler himself went red, -.002, but it did not matter because Schear went red first. Tyler ran 12.676 on 12.33 dial at 101.69. Michael Archibald, our other future finalist, is from Cliffwoood Beach, NJ and drives a Red 1968 Red Corvette with Black top and 400 cid motor and was paired with Anthony Abbruzze this round. Abbruzze was dialed 13.10 and was off first with a .155 light and Archibald followed with 12.55 dial and .108 reaction. Archibald held that advantage forcing Abbruzze to breakout running 13.089 on the 13.10 dial while Archibald ran 12.876 on his dial.

With 77 Corvettes making first round it is difficult to cover all the matches so here are the other drivers who did not advance in round one: Brad Jones, Jim Kovitch, Paul Bogden, Richy Josephs, Tome Anderson, Ralph Blauvelt, John Millen, Mike Campbell, W Tad Archambault, Alfred Salantiro, Louis Calicchia, David Hollingshead, George Geipel, Wayne Hagopian, Jerry Muniz, Bob Hollingshead, Bill Wilson, Gary Hurta, Dennis Kazimir, Chris Pasterello, Bob Rosenberg, Mike Hoffman, Glenn Murphy, Randolph Lane, Neil Vernarelli and Eddie Monari.

2007 Event 3 Ladder

Round two - No ladder yet. Farley, at the head of the lanes again, was paired with Vic Gandhi. Gunning for the champ, Gandhi when early giving him the win in this round. Gandhi went -.041 while Farley was .054 and ran 12.797 on a rare "no brakes" run @ 107.35. Ron Higgins would suffer the red as well going -.059 sending Ken Buckley to the next round with a 12.679 on 12.30 dial. Al Betz, who took out Savarese in round 1 would go down to Bob Sebrowski this round when he broke out running 12.895 on 12.93 dial to Sebrowski's 11.788 on 11.73 dial and .073 light. The "Mistress" was sent packin' when Eric Fischer cut a .132 light to her .474 and it was all over at the tree. Anthony Buonassisi cut the better light against Bill Fischer Sr. but went under running 12.612 on 12.63 and Bill was on the way to round 3. Martin Ganjoin too a .084 to .200 start over Trieschmann but gave up the stripe when he ran 13.509 @ 105.60 on 13.32 dial and Trieschmann made up the ground running 13.398 on 13.35 dial. Ken Tyler advanced on the way to final when Frank Fiori had issues with his car running 17.022 on 12.60 dial and .024 RT and Tyler slowed his car as Fiori never got close. Michael Archibald faced Jim Bole and Bole went red, -.014 against him. Archibald ran 12.476 on 12.65 dial on the free pass.

Round three - On to the ladder and Don Peppler Jr was on the top on the strength of his .021 reaction time. He was not as sharp in this round with a .194 but it did not matter as Dave Tortolani went -.050 red getting him a win. Tortolani ran it out running 11.622 on 11.60 dial and Peppler ran it out as well running 13.244 on 13.28 dial on the free pass. Doug Bereczki would use a .045 reaction time with his dead-on 13.994 on 13.99 dial to defeat Eric Fischer who ran 12.778 on 12.78 dial on .068 RT in this very close match. John Trescott would go red by -.012 and sent Pete Lopresti, in the Orange 1980 C3 Corvette to the next round on his 15.102 on 15.00 dial. Ken "Can" Rammer also suffered the red exiting this round with a -.088 and eventual winner Archibald go the win by red again. Anthony Cupolo's 1963 Corvette would fail him blowing a .087 to .511 reaction time advantage over Ken Buckley. Cupolo could only run 13.981 on 11.60 dial. Chris Young's day would end brackets that is at the hands of Barbara Grippo. Grippo has gotten the hang of this drag racing think in this her first year. She treed Young with a .014 reaction time forcing him to run under his dial of 10.05. I don't think he minded much as it was his new best in the 434 cid naturally aspirated motor with a 9.913 @ 133.01. In tight double breakout race, Ellis Gray got a personal best as well though elusive of the threshold he is trying to reach. He would race Bob Sebrowski and the reaction times were close with .087 for Sebrowski and .096 for Gray. Sebrowski ran 11.748 on his 11.76 dial and Gray went 11.000 on 11.03 dial just a thousandth off his 10-seocnd goal and too far off his dial to advance.

Round four - In a double-red match, Doug Bereczki went red first to Bob Sebrowski ending his day. Bereczki was dead-on again for the second time today. This time with a ZERO. Bereczki ran 13.980 on 13.98 dial. Sebrowski ran under his 11.72 dial with no penalty. Ken Buckley would not be as fortunate this time to get away with a .5 reaction time. This time Bob Trieschmann would take advantage of the light and the win with a 13.480 on 13.36 dial. John Hadyniak would break out by .004 costing him this round as he had the lead with a.031 light to .109 for Don Peppler Jr. so Don would advance leading his "Sgt Peppler's Lonely Heart Club Racers" in the Team Challenge. Grippo would face eventual finalist Ken Tyler and suffered the lose in this round when she could not replicate her previous round light going .100 to Tyler's .082. Tyler was closer on his dial run 12.421 on 12.33 dial while Grippo was 13.475 on 13.37 dial. Archibald would advance when Lopresti would go red in his 15.00 dialed C3 by -.060. He used the free pass to go 12.541 on 12.55 dial.

Round five - Getting close and 5 cars left for this one. The single would go to Peppler, thanks to the number 1 seed. He would make the pass and ran 13.353 on his 13.25 dial and .077 reaction time. In a very close race, Tyler would advance over Bob Sebrowski. Tyler took a .078 to .082 reaction time at the start. Sebrowski made up some but not all of the .004 deficit. He went 11.723 on 11.71 dial and Tyler went 12.345 on 12.33 dial to hold onto the lead and the win. Archibald would win another tight one, this one over Bob Trieschmann. Bob held the lead at the start with a .112 to .142 RT advantage and at the top end he tried to tighten it up but tightened too much. Archibald took the stripe with a 12.571 @104.92 to Trieschmann’s 13.426 on 13.36 dial.

Round six - Archibald would get the single into the final. He used it to dead-on. He brought his 12.55 dialed Corvette over the finish line with a 12.552 @ 114.91. He left the starting beams with a .075 reaction time. Tyler had to fight through a double breakout with Don Peppler and got the win by breaking out the least. Peppler was 13.231 on 13.27 dial while Tyler was 12.301 on his 12.33 dial. Tyler was on his way to his first final by a hundredth of a second.

Round seven - Two first time finalists is a rare thing to find and would guarantee we would have a first time winner. Archibald had just run dead on and was looking to repeat it. Tyler just went under and skated into the final by a hundredth. The were off and Tyler was late with a .305 and Archibald was not better at .141. Tyler had to make up ground and made too much. He broke out running 12.2256 on 12.33 dial. Archibald had done it again and gone dead-on. He was dialed 12.55 again and ran 12.559 for a second consecutive dead-on run and his first Corvette Challenge victory...and a rookie no less. Congratulations to both drivers on their first final and to Archibald on his first event win.

Corvette Challenge Points Update

67 of our 99 registered points drivers made it out to second points race of 2007 during the first racing session at Raceway Park. David Tortolani remained in the points lead scoring three points today bringing his total to 12. Archibald's 8 points today moves him to second place with a total of 10 pts and the win breaking the tie with two other drivers with 10 pts. Frank Fiori (10) scoring 4 today and Ken Tyler (10) with 7 points on the strength of his runner-up finish hold third and fourth places.
2007 Corvette Challenge Standings
Corvette drivers page with more driver information

Rookie of the Year Update

There is no doubt a rookie winning the second points event is going to jump to the points lead for Rookie of the year and that is exactly what Michael Archibald did today. His 10 points and 1 event win takes the lead over Barbara Grippo with 6 points and Gary Hurta with 4. While this is a good lead there is a lot of racing left in the season including the second session race this afternoon.
Rookie of the Year Standings

Spectrum Equipment Service Gear Jammer Award Update

Frank Fiori holds the lead with 10 points but Don Peppler Jr advances to second place with his semi-final performance and trails by only 1 point. Spectrum Equipment Service once again sponsors the "Gear Jammer of the Year" award, presented at year-end banquet to the racer with most points in his/her manual transmission Corvette.
Gear Jammer Standings.

Awards Handed Out at this Event

  • Chris Young won the 'John Panuzzo Jr. Memorial' trophy presented by Team Panuzzo Racing for the best winning reaction time in the 1st round. Chris Young was quickest on the tree in the 1st round when his RT was .000.
  • Jerry Muniz won the 'Almost Perfect Award' with a loss in the 1st round with the red light closest to .000 (Almost Perfect). Jerry Muniz's light was -0.003 and was rewarded a trophy from Old Bridge Township Raceway Park recognizing the effort put forth to try and capture a perfect light but just slightly red.
  • Rob Farley won the CCDV 'Closest to Dial Award' by running only .010 off his dial. Rob Farley was awarded a trophy and free tech card for a future race from Corvette Club of Delaware Valley.
  • Ohh so Close Award of Zaino productsDennis Kazimir won the 'Ohh so Close Award' presented by Zaino when being edged out in the 1st round by the smallest margin of victory of .0057. That number is the MOV number on your time slip. Although suffering a loss in the 1st round by the smallest Margin of Victory, Dennis Kazimir earned a Zaino starter package that includes various Zaino products.
  • All winners of the first round were awarded a trophy . With 88 cars making this event, we Racing gave out quite a few trophies or 1st Round Trophy Upgrade Program credits.

Next Two Races

April 21, 2007 - This will be our fourth points race of the year and second week in a row we race. The Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout will return at this event for its second race of the season.

May 12, 2007 will be our fifth points race of the season and will be the return of the Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 index class for their third race of the year. Gates open at 11 AM

Visit the Drag Schedule at to view Raceway Park's schedule for other events and days for test and tuning.

As always, we couldn't enjoy our passion for racing without the tireless efforts of our coordinators - Edgar Perez, Bob Trieschmann, Dennis Kazimir, Joe Amodea and Paul Ziajski. We'd be reduced to time shots only without our sponsors - many thanks for the continued support of Corvette Challenge - East Coast Supercharging | Yank Racing Converters | Gear Star Transmission | Team Panuzzo | Corvette Club of Delaware Valley - CCDV | Spectrum Equipment Service | Simple Man | QTP - Quick Time Performance | Carroll's Rod & Racecraft | Kooks Custom Headers | CFM Racing | Tortolani Racing | Anger Management Racing | East Coast Corvettes | | Zaino Bros | Pro Torque | Perez Web Design

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Pro 10.0 Index - Cartek Racing | Silly Goose Racing Stables | Best Western, East Brunswick, NJ | Marchese Homes, LLC .

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