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Today is Sunday March 18, 2018      
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Edgar Perez Wins his First Pro 10.0!

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables
1David Outten 10.450 131.28
2Paul Ziajski 10.602 139.80
3Tommy Michalkowski 10.901 127.10
4Edgar Perez 11.445 118.82
5Chris Young 11.537 116.91
6Troy Nikola 11.866 118.83
7Alan Eckert 13.399 90.53
Did not qualify
07/29/06 - Englishtown, NJ - The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables completed its third race today alongside the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge. Temperatures were in the 90's for the first time this season and running 10.0 would be a challenge for our top drivers. Paul Ziajski and David Outten were both doubtful for this race but each showed up to battle it out for first place. Traction would be the key today as it just was not there today. The heat combined with the morning session made it difficult for drivers to approach that perfect 10.0.


Outten spun his way to a 10.450 @ 131.28 for the number one spot followed by Paul Ziajski who ran 10.602 @ 139.80 for the number two spot. The important thing here is that Ziajskiís twin turbo Cartek/Neverlift prepped car experienced damage severe enough to put him on the trailer. This will cost Ziajski in the points as he will receive no points for today because he did not stage the car, despite qualifying number two which would later come into play in determining this events winner. Tommy Michalkowski brought his supercharged entry in at the number 3 position with a 10.901 @ 127.1. I was fortunate enough to get traction on this qualifying pass and came in fourth with an 11.445 @ 118.92 in the The Vette Doctors prepped heads and cam car with Dart Pro 1 LS heads. Chris Young, still without his car, borrowed Uncle Savareseís 396 cubic inch naturally aspirated C4 and was fifth with an 11.537 @ 116.91. Troy Nikola put his car in the sixth spot with his turbocharged entry at 12.059 @ 116.31.

For the second round of qualifying none of the drivers were able to improve their starting positions though Nikola bettered his qualifying time to 11.866 @ 118.83. In addition, Alan Eckert, who did not make it for the first qualifier, brought his Blue C5 with ECS 402 motor with Novi 2000 supercharger with ailing fuel pump and got it into the field with a limping 13.399 @ 90.53

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.

Pro 10.0 Runner-up Pro 10 Group Pro 10.0 Winner
Runner-up David Outten Bob Trieschmann, Winner Edgar Perez, Runner-up David Outten, Coordinator Joe Amodea and Frank Schear Race 3 Winner Edgar Perez

Round 1

The first pair was the two Anger Management race cars of Michalkowski (3) and Nikola (6). This pair squared off in the previous Pro 10,0 race with Michalkowski getting the win. This time was the same result. The team boss got the win despite having a disadvantage on the tree with .281 to Nikola's .195. Michalkowski caught Nikola while struggling to keep the car hooked to the track and got the win with an 11.283 @ 117.48 to Nikola's 11.949 @ 112.12. Chris Young (5) was to face Paul Ziajski (2) who did not make the call due to shearing the flexplate bolts that came loose in the usually reliable C5. Young would get a competition single, lucky dog. He used the time to cut a fantastic reaction time of .021 on the five hundredths pro tree. He finished the pass with a casual 13.334 @ 66.83 saving the car for his uncle Ralph who was doing quite well in the Corvette Challenge. Young hit the tree so hard that he broke off the gas pedal from the car which would play into the next race. With only 7 Corvettes in the field, our number one qualifier, David Outten would get a bye run. He was .107 on the tree and 10.336 @ 131.78 and on way to the next round. The next pair was Edgar Perez (4) against Alan Eckert (7). I was able to take a an advantage on the tree with a .162 to .336 but the it was not in the cards for Blue today and "The Red Sled" had gotten us our first Pro 10.0 round win with a 11.506 @ 118.93 while Blue slumped to another 13-second pass.

Round 2

Outten (1) would face Michalkowski (3) next on the sportsman ladder in Round 2. Outten left first with a .073 and the Anger Management ride was off with a .173. At the finish-line it was Outten with a 10.331 @ 129.21 over Michalkowski with a 10.782 @ 127.44. Here is where Ziajski hurting the car and Young breaking the gas pedal came to set the stage for the surprise final. Had the 10-second Ziajski car been healthy, Young might not have advanced. Young's (Savarese's) and my car are very close in ET so it would be a close race for us. Young would surely get me on the tree so I needed a little extra oomph to catch him. We pulled into the lights and Young goes deep, way deep. The lights come one and he was gone but gone early. It was that broken gas pedal that caused the unintentional deep stage. Young was red -.107 while I was .171 positive on the pro tree. It would have been a close finish had Young gone green but it was me and "The Red Sled" at the stripe with an 11.295 @ 121.13 to Young's 11.794 @ 116.58. I took the stripe despite Young's huge red advantage and promise of putting me on the trailer.

Final Round

So the stage was set for David and Goliath although on the role reversal kind of day, I was David and David was Goliath. I had won two Pro 10.0 rounds and was already ecstatic. There were no more tricks up my sleeve to help me make this race more competitive. I had found the right lane to be better for traction and Outten, with lane choice, had better success and took the left leaving me where I wanted to be. We lined them up and staged them carefully and were ready to go. The tree flashed and the lights were almost dead-even with Dave taking a small advantage with .097 to my .101. Much to my surprise after Outten was ahead, I started to close the gap. I heard Outten lift then drift as his fender got closer to mine. He had lost traction and the car went right. I got past him and knew he would get back on it and had the power to re-take the lead. I looked back and Outten was gone. He had gotten back on and sent the car toward the wall then back toward the center line before giving up on the pass to save both his car and mine. As I crossed the finish-line and saw the win light, I could not believe I had won. The Red Sled, had proven to be the quickest today in the Pro 10.0.

Outten did the right thing saving the car despite it meaning he would not get the win. I was very fortunate his experience with the car led to his keeping the car under control. It was a rude awakening this game we play can be dangerous and I happy with the outcome on both counts.

Today proved what many did not believe could happen. An 11-second car winning the Pro 10.0. This is a very exciting series in which anyone has a chance to win on any given Saturday. Be sure and check out the next Cartek Racing Pro 10.0.

Congratulate Edgar Perez and the rest of the drivers and sponsors on the Corvette Forum

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Edgar Perez earned a payout of $100 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up David Outten earned a payout of $50 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier David Outten received a plaque for his 10.450 qualifying run
  • Chris Young received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .021

Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Points Standings

David Outten was able to open up a 3 point lead over Ziajski with his runner-up appearance. Perez jumped to the 3rd spot in the points breaking the three-way tie at 6 points with Eckert and Michalkowski by virtue of the event win today.
Click for points standings

Thanks to our sponsors

Special thanks go out to our Pro 10.0 sponors: Cartek Racing, Silly Goose Racing Stables, Best Western in East Brunswick, Marchese Homes, LLC and Lucid Diagnostic Imaging Services, LLC.

Next Race

The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index will be back in action on September 2, 2006. See you there.


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Can You Be Perfect?

Still up for grabs is the Pro 10.0 dead-on award of $50 courtesy of Lucid Diagnostics Imaging Services, LLC . If you score the first perfect 10.00, also known as being "dead-on", either in qualifying or eliminations in the Pro 10.0, you will get the honor and cash. The driver should bring it to the attention of our coordinator, Joe Amodea, in the lanes or Edgar Perez and at the end of the day, Raceway Park will award the cash and take a picture and you will forever be recognized as the first to go 10.00.

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