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Today is Saturday January 20, 2018      
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Paul Ziajski Wins Second in a Row Pro 8 Shootout Race 3

Qualifiers - The Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout presented by Neverlift Racecraft
1Paul Ziajski 9.018148.77 
2Angelo Valla 9.334148.35 
3Bill Maloney 10.088129.63 
4Paul Major 10.110135.76 
5Mike Conway 10.166134.24 
6Chris Coriell 11.100  
7Mark Shaw 11.229119.97 
8Chris Young 11.288  
  D - Declined, NP - Non Points
07/30/05 - Englishtown, NJ The third Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout presented by Neverlift Racecraft was a clean sweep for Paul Ziajski. He took all the awards today and ran the twin turbo like a champ (to be) in the Corvette heads-up racing.

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Ziajski took the number qualifying spot by a few tenths when he made a qualifying pass at 9.018 @ 148.77 MPH. He led a field that held only two single-digit Corvettes with Angelo Valla in the second spot at 9.334 @ 148.77. The event marked the return of two regular Vette Doctors customer cars owned by Bill Maloney and Paul Major. Both cars, sporting new engines, were being babied into competition, (if we can say that about low ten-second cars). Maloney took the number three spot running only a minor dosage of nitrous on delay and clocking 10.008 @ 130.92. Major's motor was finished up the night before and came to the event with no nitrous hooked up and stopped the clocks at 10.110 @ 135.76. Regular Mike Conway was in the field in the fifth position with a 10.166 @ 134.24 in the nitrous-fed Cartek stroker. Chris Coriell, East Coast Supercharging co-owner, driving the Alan Eckert car, was in at the 6th spot followed by Mark Shaw who was running on motor due to a nitrous issue and Chris Young in the 8th spot at 11.29 and the only natrually aspirated entry with a stroker LT1. Just before first round call, Mark Shaw experienced a flat rear tire and he could not make first round so we went to the alternates. The first and second alternates, Ellis Gray and Ralph Savarese, declined entry into the event and the third alternate, Edgar Perez jumped into Shaw's spot.

runnerup Angelo Valla Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout group shot race 3 of 2005 Twin Turbo Paul
Runnerup Angelo Valla Winner Ziajski, Andy, Runnerup Valla, Carmen Melillo, Dennis Hemmerly, bottom, Angelo Valla Jr. Paul Ziajski, VDP8S Race 3 Winner

Round 1

First out on the track were Paul Ziajski (1) and Chris Young (8). This race was over at the start as Ziajski left on Young with a .069 light and easily took the win with a 9.048 to Young's 11.422. Young enjoyed the opportunity to run in his first Pro 8 and looks forward to a rematch in Ziajski soon to happen, "No Tears, No Excuses" heads-up race with a few hundred shot of nitrous (17 MB Video) . Next up were Bill Maloney (3) and Chris Coriell (6). This one was tight but Coriell took the hole shot win when Maloney left the line much later than Coriell with a 1.026. I suspect hooking was an issue. Maloney chased Coriell's 10.506 ET with his own quicker but losing 10.049 which just was not enough to make up for the tree. Paul Major (4) was out next against Mike Conway (5) and both were very close in ET in qualifying. Conway was out first with a .288 light but lost the lead when his transmission failed to shift. Conway runs in both the heads-up class and the bracket class and the trans fluid got a little too hot for the car to execute. Major took the win with a 10.024 @ 135.29 to Conway's 11.859. The final pair was Valla (2) against Edgar Perez in for Mark Shaw. Perez rolled up with "DEEP" on the glass in the hopes of getting out in front of Valla. He did, but for a fraction of a second. Perez's .193 light had him ahead of Valla to roughly the 60' when Valla roared by and never looked back taking the win with a 9.486 @ 143.09 to Perez's 11.737

Round 2

In the second round it would be Ziajski (1) vs. Major (4). Major Spray(less) got staged up very quickly hoping to make it difficult for Ziajski to get the boost up at the line. It did not work as Ziajski got out in front with a .235 light and carried the lead all the way to the end with a 9.401 @ 148.99 to Major's 10.083 @ 135.52. Next Angelo Valla (2) faced off against Chris Coriell (6). The driverís reaction times were very close but Valla took a slight RT advantage and held it with the greater horsepower. Valla took the win with a 9.477 @ 134.48 to Coriell's impressive but losing 10.597 @ 137.95

Round 3 - The Final

We knew what to expect from Ziajski in the final but Valla had a little surprise for us. Ziajski took the early lead when his reaction time was better than Valla's but also when Valla lost traction and was quite squirrelly out of the gate. One might have thought it was over for Valla but on came the charging power as he chased Ziajski. In Bracket like fashion, Ziajski took the stripe with 9.135 @ 148.99 but it was closer than we expected after seeing Valla's traction issues. Valla managed to regain traction and crossed the traps at 9.242 and at an astounding 161.77 MPH. These too are sure to duel again and as early as next Sunday, August 7th at Raceway Park so be sure and check this action out. Paul Ziajski would like to thank Neverlift Racecraft and Cartek Racing. Angelo Valla would like to thank Paul Major, Joe Valla, and The Vette Doctors.

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Paul Ziajski received trophy and $100 Cash courtesy of The Vette Doctors and Neverlift Racecraft
  • Runner-up Angelo Valla received a plaque and $50 from The Vette Doctors and Neverlift Racecraft
  • Number 1 Qualifier Paul Ziajski received a plaque
  • Paul Ziajski received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .069

Points Standings - Ziajski Increases his points Points Lead

2005 Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout Points Standings
2005 R1 R2 R3
2005 R4 R5 R6

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