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Today is Monday March 19, 2018      
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Champion Mike Mitchell Wins VDP8 Race 1

Qualifiers - The Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout presented by Neverlift Racecraft
1Michael Mitchell8.527161.38 
2Paul Ziajski9.153150.38 
3Paul Major9.318148.14 
4Angelo Valla9.346148.47 
5Mike Conway10.024135.21 
6Ralph Savarese11.294116.32D
7Bill Maloney11.498121.91 
8Tom Sabolevsky11.551122.22 
10Jason Anderson11.597127.201NP
11John Hadyniak11.645115.44D
12Ron Leader11.678117.5NP
13Bob Sebrowski11.703114.32D
14Ellis Gray11.752114.73D
15Joe Iervolino11.791119.63 
  D - Declined, NP - Non Points
05/07/05 - Englishtown, NJ The Corvette heads-up season was kicked off today with the first race for The Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout presented by Neverlift Racecraft. The return of series regulars, 2004 champ Mike Mitchell, in the Banman Racing C4 along with 2004 Runner-up Paul Major and the rest of The Vette Doctors race team along with Paul Ziajski with his twin turbo Vette, built by Cartek, was long awaited and finally here.


It had been almost 7 months since our last Pro 8 Shootout race and still some cars were not ready for today but the ones that were sure gave us a site to see. Qualifying was led by 2004 points champion, Mike Mitchell. Mitchell had the 1986 nitrous injected motor freshened over the winter. The long layoff and the long build, the car was finished just before the race, left him a little off and he needed all three qualifiers to grab the number one spot with an 8.527 pass at 161.38 MPH. Paul Ziajski had Cartek build him a twin turbo motor for his Z06, which he then took to Neverlift Racecraft for a conversion to Automatic transmission and solid rear end to hold the horsepower. He held the number one spot until Mitchell bumped him down to number two with a 9.152 @ 150.38. This car is still being dialed in and will be sure to do battle all season for the top spot. Paul Major spent the winter building his new motor and transmission combination. However, the car was not ready. This worked out okay for Major because John Gorman, who's car was ready, could not race today due to a recent medical procedure. Being the team player he is, he gave the key to Major who placed the car in the number 3 spot with a 9.318 @ 148.14 pass. Angelo Valla, finished the 2004 season breaking his big block C3 but he was ready and rarin' to go with a first pass qualifier of 9.346 @ 148.87 to secure the number 4 spot. Mike Conway returned as would have made it five 9-second Corvettes as he dipped his nitrous and stroked Cartek motor into the nines with a 9.999 but the run was thrown out due to not meeting 9-second specification. However, Conway's prior qualifying pass of 10.024 was just as good for the five spot. Ralph Savarese qualified the sixth fastest but declined participation in the Pro 8 Shootout. Savarese was in with an 11.294 @ 116.32 and an alternate would take his place. Bill Maloney, who struggled with his newly freshened Vette Doctors nitrous motor qualified in the 7th spot at 11.498 @ 121.91. The eighth qualifier was another Cartek car driven by Tom Sabolevsky. TSab was in the bump spot at 11.551 @ 122.22 and would do battle with Mike Mitchell in the first round.

This is where it gets a little weird. We had to go to the 15th qualifier to find both a points driver and a driver that did not decline the right to enter the Pro 8 in Ralph Savarese's place. Thankfully Joe Iervolino took the opportunity to be in the show from the 15th spot.

Winner Mike Mitchell Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout group shot race 1 of 2005 Mike Conway with Bob Trieschmann with Best RT Plaque
Winner Mike Mitchell's C4 Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout group shot race 1 of 2005 Mike Conway with Bob Trieschmann with Best RT Plaque

Round 1- Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

First out on the track were Paul Ziajski (2) and Bill Maloney (7). The classic Turbo vs. Nitrous battle. Okay, not classic for us yet, but it will become classic with a few more races. Maloney, got into the field without making a full pass so he had something to prove, to himself at least. As the drivers staged, all eyes were leaning toward the left lane and the Turbo car. Ziajski carefully staged and just before the tree lights, the car creeps up on him. The tree lights and Maloney takes off but Ziajski barely moves. Maloney blazes the track and rips off a 9.661 @ 122.64 (likely lifted), making him our sixth car in the nine's today and giving him the ride into the second round. After the race, Ziajski stated his finger slipped off the trans brake which can happen to anyone just working the quirks out of a new combination and he will be back. The next pair was Mike Mitchell (1) against Tom Sabolevsky (8). Mitchell executed his run perfectly and easily sent Sabolevsky on his way running 9.394 to the slower 11.668. The next pair was Paul Major (3) again alternate Joe Iervolino (15). Major both treed and et'd taking the easy win over Iervolino with a 9.394 to 11.963.....or did he? More on this in a minute. The final pair, Angelo Valla (4) vs. Mike Conway (8) was at the starting line. Conway knew the tree would be the advantage he needed if he can cut a better light and he did taking a three-tenths advantage on the light. It would not be enough however as Valla took the stripe with the big block running 9.603 to Conway's 10.075 in the closest race of the round.

But weight, (pun intended,) there is more on the first round. All cars in the Pro 8 have to pass a post race weight test. All Pro 8 Shootout participants must be a minimum of 3000 with the driver. Major, after taking the win against Iervolino, was disqualified as the car came in at 2976 lbs. Iervolino was sent on to the second round.

Round 2

First out on the track was Bill Maloney (7) and Joe Iervolino (15). The two Black C5s have the same engine builder, The Vette Doctors. Maloney nitrous injected vs. Iervolino naturally aspirated. Maloney took the tree and the round with and 11.288 to Iervolino's 12.72 as he had a little bit of trouble shifting the car. The second semi final was with two 9-second cars. Mike Mitchell (1) vs. Angelo Valla (8). This one was very exciting as both Corvettes put the front wheels in the air. When they came down, Mitchell made the straight pass but Valla got loose and had to peddle it. Mitchell took the win 8.606 @ 160.82 to Valla's 9.820 @ 161.19. Video (4 MB)

Round 3 - The Final

Mike Mitchell (1) vs. Bill Maloney (7) will be our first final of the year. Mitchell proved why he was the 2004 Champion taking the win both on the tree and on the track running a 9.595 @ 114.96 to Maloney's black smoke pouring hurt engine at 12.539 @ 78.37

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Mike Mitchell received trophy and $100 Cash courtesy of The Vette Doctors and Neverlift Racecraft
  • Runner-up Bill Maloney received a plaque and $50 from The Vette Doctors and Neverlift Racecraft
  • Number 1 Qualifier Mike Mitchell received a plaque
  • Mike Conway received the John Panuzzo Jr. Memorial Best Reaction Time plaque and $50 from Team Panuzzo for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .214

Points Standings - Mike Mitchell takes the Championship Lead

2005 Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout Points Standings
2005 R1 R2 R3
2005 R4 R5 R6

After Racing, it is Racing to Eat

After the racing, Mike Mitchell and team/family and The Vette Doctors and other racers gathered at The Olde Silver Tavern for some grub. Luckily the winner and runner up had some extra cash to pay the bill.

Notably Missing today!!

Some notable cars were missing from today's event including some of the East Coast Supercharging blower cars and some of our other regular racers, Brian Miller, Kenny Sforza, John Carter, David Shen and Mark Shaw. We hope to see some of those cars at our next VDP8 race on Saturday June 11, 2005 with gates opening at 9 AM at Raceway Park

Pictures and Videos

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