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2014 Schedule
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Mike Mitchell Makes It Two In a Row

The Vette Doctors Pro 8 Qualifiers
1.Mike Mitchell9.232110.07
2.John Carter10.167 
3.Paul Major10.612131.74
4.Brent Grigsby10.632130.62
5.Bill Maloney10.730135.51
6.Tommy Michalkowski10.921118.47
7.Mark Jansen11.441119.96
8.Rob Zona11.470120.83
1.Rick White11.509118.05
2.Ralph Savarese11.603114.97
3.Edgar Perez11.620116.27
4.Chris Young11.623118.36
09/04/04 - Mike Mitchell once again brought out his Banman Racing 400 cubic inch C4 to play in The Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout with the same result taking his second consecutive win in the class. This makes Mitchell two for two as he has won each of his appearance in the Pro 8. IIt also places him and a tie for the points lead. Mitchell qualified the car in the number one spot. Some heavy hitters were notably missing from the lineup but that did not prevent us from filling the field. John Carter qualified his convertible in the two spot. Paul Major's Z06 was down for the event but it did not present a problem for him as he brought out the back-up car, the 1966 Blue Convertible and qualified it in the three spot. Brent Grigsby brought his ghost flamed Corvette in at the number four spot, though he suffered clutch issues and did not make first round. Bill Maloney's Coupe was also down so jumped in the seat of Kenny Sforza's car who was celebrating his birthday and did not make the race, and qualified it in the fifth position. Tommy Michalkowski got his supercharged C5 in the field after missing the last Pro 8 race, in the sixth spot. Mark Jansen qualified his silver convertible C5 for his first Pro 8 in the number seven spot. On the bump spot was Rob Zona, with his black Z06, making the Pro 8 for the second time this year.

Winner Mike Mitchell Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout group shot race 2 of 2004 Runner-up John Carter
Winner Mike Mitchell Group photo including title sponsor Carmen Melillo of The Vette Doctors, Winner Mike Mitchell's team and family and John Carter, Brooke and the Cartek Team Runner-up John Carter

Round 1

Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout group shot race 2 of 2004
Mike Mitchell receive John Panuzzo Jr. Memorial Plaque from John Panuzzo
The first pair out was the 1-8 race. Rob Zona would have a tough hill to climb against Mike Mitchell. He gave it a valiant effort but it was not very close as Mitchell cut .059 light, earning him the John Panuzzo Jr. Memorial Plaque and $50 cash for best winning RT of the first round coupled with a 9.470 ET at 111.79 MPH. Next pair out was Paul Major in the 66 against Michalkowski. Major went on a wild ride getting out of shape making this a very tight race. The drivers left with similar lights and at the end of the track, it was Major with the "hole shot" win at 10.99 @ 114.60 to a better but losing 10.958 @ 127.44 for Michalkowski. The third pair was the 4-5 race. Since Grigsby could not make the first round, we went to the alternates for Bill Maloney's competitor. First alternate Rick White, already running two events today, declined the offer. Second alternate Ralph Savarese declined the offer to focus on his bracket points chase. Third alternate, Edgar Perez, jumped at the opportunity to take a crack at his close friend. Perez needing any advantage he can get, quick staged and deep staged on Maloney. Perez took a .141 tree advantage but it was not nearly enough. Maloney took the win with an 11.025 @ 127.14 to Perezís 11.838 @ 115.84. The final pair out was Carter against Jansen. Jansen took a huge staring line advantage cutting a .124 to Carter's .528. Carter, however, has quite a bit more horsepower and drove around Jansen taking the win with a 10.215 @ 133.79 to Jansen's 11.547 @ 119.69.

Round 2

First pair out was Carter against Major. Carter again gave up the starting line, this time by only .122. Carter again used his horsepower to drive around his opponent running 10.215 @ 133.39 to Major's "skating" 10.884 @ 106.86. The next pair was Mitchell vs. Maloney. Mitchell again chopped the tree down with a .037 light. Maloney proved no match to Mitchell who dipped the car into the eights with an 8.995 @ 121.70.

Round 3 - The Final

Now only the number one and two qualifiers left. Carter, for the third time today gave up the reaction time advantage as Mitchell cut a amazing .029 light which he coupled with another eight second pass at 8.594 @ 142.34 to Carter's 10.304 @ 133.08. Mitchell has emerged as the front runner in this class with the potent combination of brute horsepower combined with ability to cut a light that very few have proven they can approach.

Points Standings

The Vette Doctors Pro 8 racers are competing not just for fun, pride and trophies but also a $500 gift certificate provided by

2004 Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout Points Standings
2004 Race 1
2004 Race 2
2004 Race 3
2004 Race 4

Next race promises to be the biggest

The next and final Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout race of 2004 will be on October 23rd. We have a contingent of racers coming up from Florida for a crack at the glory of winning one of these races. Keith Valone will be bringing his Big Bad Red C4 so you do not want to miss this.

Pictures and Videos

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