2004 ECS Corvette Challenge July 10,2004

Winner Joe Signore Runner up John Mackey Mackey (forward) beat Mojo in a photo finish Round 2 - Joe Signore gets the win as his long gone opponent broke out Round 2 - Chirs Young (in Ralph Savarese's car) crosses ahead of Dave Sanders for the win
Round 2 - 1st try, Bill Driber crosses ahead of Rich Shuleski but the race had to be re-run Round 2 - Rob Farley takes the win over Al Betz Round 2 - John Mackey crosse way ahead of Richy Josephs who went red Round 2 - Al Conner catching and passing Panuzzo for the win Round 2 - Ioannis Hadjiioannou with the lead (right lane) and the win over Chris Coriell
Tony Buonassisi crosses first, but the win went to Bill Fischer cause Tony went red Danny Rotondo crosse first (left lane) but only because he went red and Don Peppler got the win Tony Abbruzze takes out Dave Tortolani Round 2 - Frank Schear (left lane) is closing hard and catches Bob Sebrowski for the win (did you hit the brakes there Bob?) Mark Jansen crossing first but he lost to James Peins as he went red.
Tom Cooper takes the win over Neil Fine (not pictured) who went red Keith Conner gets win over Bob Hollingshead Rick White (left lane) is about to get a break from Jim Kovith who will break out by .015 Round 2 - Ellis Gray cruise through with the win to Lynwood King (not pictured) who went red Round 2 - Rich Shuleski (right lane) crosses last but got the win when Bill Driber went red
EFI action with Danny Rotondo Bill Fischer Mackey beats Mojo by .007 Signore over Peppler Farley (left lane) takes a close one from Jim Peins
Chris Young blows by Keith Conner (right lane) too late because it was Conner at the stripe Ellis Gray is about to get a gift as Al Conner is on his way to a breakout Abbruzze (right lane) will not catch Cooper but gets the win as Cooper breaks out Gray (right lane) crossed first but left first (red) and Mackey gets the win Farley (left lane) with the lead and the win over Keith Conner
Signore (right lane) over Abbruzze Fischer with the comp solo win Signore on the way to the win Mackey returning from the loss Signore returning from the win
Perez, Signore, Mackey, Trieschmann Perez, Signore, Mackey, Trieschmann.  Notice the Corvette on top of the trophy

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