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$ $ $ THOUSAND DOLLAR GAMBLERS TOP 16 RACE $ $ $ Nov 22, 2003*

Now we have a chance to race in our own BIG money race. We wanted to end the racing season with the opportunity to let the Top 16 points drivers square off against each other. Just to make it more interesting, we will make that race a gamblers style race for a chance win big money. On November 22, 2003 the Top 16 drivers are invited to race for $1,000* (one thousand dollars)!!!

How much will this cost?

Drivers of the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge must finish in the Top 16 in points and the cost of participating in gamblers race is $75. Each driver must put in $75 to cover the prize. The $75 is in addition the $25 tech card paid at the gate to Raceway Park. The Gambler fee of $75 will be collected in the staging lanes. This is an optional race but we anticipate we all want a chance at $1,000 to win!* This will be a 100% payback race to the racers!

What drivers are eligible

The Top 16 drivers at the end of our November 1 (10th) points race are automatically invited. Drivers will be paired in order of their finish in points for the 2003 season. The ladder will pair the number 1 driver against the number 16 driver, the number 2 will race number 15 and so on up to the number 8 and 9 drivers. There are still two points races left, October 25th and November 1st in which the Top 16 positions can be achieved. At this time the 16th driver has 17 points and the Top 16 drivers are far from settled. Drivers with only five (5) points are still mathematically capable of reaching the Top 16, (based on the driver winning both remaining event going 6 rounds and driver ahead of him losing first round in both races)(view current standings). Also, only the top 4 drivers have clinched a spot in the Top 16 thus far using the same calculation. If you need a refresher of how points are awarded and ties settled, click here. For a sample bracket with the drivers in the top 16 as of eight points races,click here.

You can also be invited as an alternate

In the event that any of the Top 16 drivers cannot make the race, an alternate driver will be invited to take his/her place. Alternates will be chosen in order of points finish for 2003. The 17th points driver will be the first alternate to be invited. We will go down the list of points driver to fill the entire field of 16. In the event that an alternate is used, all drivers will move up the ladder, replacing the missing driver, placing the alternate in the 16th position. In addition, we will also ask two alternates be available at the track in the event a driver that has committed to the race does NOT show up. It is to your advantage to be at the track as we will go down the list if the two drivers and two alternates do not show. There will be other racing at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park on November 22nd so you can come out to watch while racing with the slight possibility you can get into the $1,000 race.

Can I come watch

ABSOLUTELY. Come out to route your favorite driver. Bring family and friends for support cause this is big! As a participant in the Corvette Challenge, we rarely get a chance to watch our buddies race because we are racing at the same time. So don't fret if you are not invited to race as a participant, come on out judge for yourself just how good the Top 16 are or are not.

Quick facts of the $1,000 Top 16 race

  • $1,000 to the winner and $200 to the runner-up
  • $75 entry fee (in addition to the $25 tech card)
  • Only points drivers are eligible
  • Bracket racing on pro ladder by your points finish
  • Lane choice goes to the higher seeded driver
  • Saturday November 22, 2003 9 AM
  • Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ
  • Spectators welcome and encouraged
  • No regular Corvette Challenge prizes awarded

*Payout is based on a full 16 car field with each driven buying in for $75. In the event we cannot race a full field, payout will be adjusted.

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