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2002 Schedule/Results
04/06/02 - Edgar Perez
05/25/02 - Bill Wilson
06/29/02 - Mike Carr
07/13/02 - Edgar Perez
07/27/02 - Rob Farley
08/17/02 - Bob Sebrowksi *
08/31/02 - Ralph Savarese
09/21/02 - Aaron Askenback
10/26/02 - Ellis Gray
11/02/02 - Ralph Savarese*
11/09/02 - Tom Dulski*
englishtown weather
* non-points race
2002 Schedule/Results
Quick 4
07/27/02 - Keith Brownlee
09/21/02 - Brian Miller
11/02/02 - Keith Brownlee
Quick 4
Featured Drivers

2002 Event 10 winner Tom Dulski
2002 Event 10 winner Tom Dulski

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Nick Goldman
John Mackey
Edgar Perez
Frank Schear
Lenny Marotta
Beserko Bob
Bob Morgan
Featured Drivers
Official Final Top 10
1 Ralph Savarese 38 *
2 Edgar Perez 37 **
3 Rob Farley (r) 32 *
4 Aaron Askenback 28 *
5 Bill Wilson (r) 24 *
6 John Panuzzo 24
7 Bill Maloney 23
7 Vic Gandhi 23  
9 Jim Kovitch 22
10 Jack Schwarzwalder (r) 20
Complete Final Standings here
(r) - Rookie        * - Event Win
Top 10
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Auto Racing Daily Newsfeed

For 2002, the Cartek Corvette Challenge will be run under the rules and guidelines set forth by Raceway Park.   Please click on the link below to go to the Raceway Park web page.  Then click on the link for "Racing Rules".  Also, please click on the link for "Classes" for a description of the Corvette Challenge Class.  Click here for the Raceway Park web page.

Basic Safety Rules

A helmet must be worn.  If you do not own one, you can rent one at the track for $3.00 and your license will be held until return of the helmet.  Drivers must wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves (except where a fire jacket is required) when on the track.  During the hot summer days many of use just wear shorts under gym pants and take off the gym pants between runs.  Then throw the gym pants on for the run.  Cars running faster than 12.00 seconds will require a rollbar and the driver to wear fire jacket.  Convertibles must have a rollbar if they run faster than 14.00 seconds.  (However if the convertible has a hardtop, it can run up to 12.00 without a rollbar.  If you have a convertible, check out the hardtops from Smooth Line.  Additionally, if your car is required to have a rollbar, it is also required for the driver to wear a 3" wide 5-point safety harness and fire suit.  Keep in mind, we are a group of Corvette drivers having fun and the track has the right to impose any rule for the safety of the participants.  This paragraph is not intended to be a complete rules list but a guideline for those that are unfamiliar with drag racing rules.  In addition, rules can be read in on the race track web page at the link provided Raceway Park Drag Racing Rules.

2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge Prizes

2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge Prizes

Event Cash & Prizes

Name Cash Prizes
Event winner $200 Trophy from Shore Motorsports, Free Dyno Tuning Session at Cartek Racing* and a $100 Pro Torque Gift Certificate

See the details of 1st tuning session here.
Event Runner up $100

Trophy from The Vette Doctors, $50 Pro Torque Gift Certificate

"Money Back Runner Up" Award* sponsored by Boweryboy Racing
Event Semi Finalist $50  
Event First Round win   Trophy-Presented by CFM Racing
Event Best Reaction Time   Trophy-John Panuzzo Jr. Award presented by Team Panuzzo
Event First Round Loss by smallest Margin of Victory   "Ohh So Close Award"-Presented by Zaino.  A Zaino Products starter kit will be awarded at the track.
Event First Round Loss by Red Light closest to .000   "Almost Perfect Award"-Presented by
Marotta Racing for Events 1,3,5,7, and 9. and
Roybuilt for Events 2,4,6,8 and 10. 
$50 gift certificate for Raceway Park souvenir shop will be awarded at the track.
Event First Round driver closest to dial-in (non breakout)   "Closest to Dial Award"-Presented by Walden Farms.  A $50 Walden Farms Sampler Package awarded at the track.
Year End Cash & Prizes
Finish Cash Prize
1st - Points Champion $400 Champion Jacket and Trophy and Roadside Assistance kit from STS in Toms River
2nd - Points Runner Up $250 Trophy and Jacket and Auto Detailing Accessory kit from STS in Toms River
3rd $150 Jacket
4th $150 Jacket
5th $75 Jacket
6th $75 Jacket
7th $50 Jacket
8th $50 Jacket
9th   Free Points sign up for 2003
10th   Free Points sign up for 2003
Top 4 in Points at the end of Event#5, Saturday July 27, 2002 Free participation in 22nd ANNUAL P.C. RICHARD & SON ALL AMERICAN JET CAR NATIONALS at Raceway Park Wednesday night July 31,2002. This event was held and details and photo are can by clicking here

Discounts and Group Purchases

The Vette Doctors Free Dyno Pulls
The Vette Doctors, Amityville, NY The Vette Doctors in Amityville, NY will do FREE before and after dyno pulls for all 2002 Corvette Challenge racers for work done at their shop during the 2002 season. All you need to do is show a time slip from any 2002 Corvette Challenge Event and The Vette Doctors will dyno your car before installation and again after the installation (>$100 value). This offer is good on any performance work done from a complete big bore engine build to an Rx Heads and Cam package or an install of a ProFlow+ air filter system. Take advantage of this special offer and get proof your mods work. The Vette Doctors sell and install performance parts or will install what you have purchased. Click on the logo link above to visit their website. Specialists in C5 and C4 work and others done on request. Call Carmen or Dennis at 631-841-0779 to schedule a time.
Bob Morgan & McGuire Chevrolet Finders Fee
Bob Morgan will give Corvette Challenge racers a $50-$100 finders fee for each customer referred to him that buys a car at McGuire Chevrolet. Contact Bob Morgan at McGuire for details. Call 973-383-1300.

25% Discount on Parts
Corvette Challenge participants will receive a discount of 25% on parts purchased for their Corvette at McGuire Chevrolet. Orders taken over the phone with credit cards and they will ship. Discounts apply to all parts they sell. The parts must be ordered through Bob Morgan at 973-383-1300. Bob can be reached on
  • Monday 2 - 9
  • Tuesday 9 - 3
  • Wednesday 1 - 8
  • Thursday 9 - 9
  • Saturday 9 - 5
  • or at 973-222-0575 from 9 am - 11 pm on any day
The success of this program may yield bigger discounts so the more we buy, the better the deal can get.


Staging Point.......................1 point for staging first round
Round win Point.....................1 point for each Round won at an event

Additional Information

Contact edgarperez@corvettechallenge.info.
*Not applicable for the November events. Tuning applies to LT1, LT4 and LS1 only.

Raceway Park will enforce noise levels at the track

Raceway Park has to adhere to maximum noise levels on its Saturday night programs.  All drivers have to adhere to the noise level guidelines.  Most Corvette Challenge drivers will have no issue with the noise levels, however we need to ensure that you are aware that noise levels will be monitored.  Modified Corvettes with aftermarket exhaust and headers will pass the test.  However, if you think you car is too loud, you should test it to ensure you are not louder than the maximum allowed noise levels.  Many of our drivers have been tested and have passed the noise level restrictions.  Following is a message from Raceway Park as well as a link the Raceway Park official notification.

A message from Raceway Park

The decibel (DB) level will be measured in the following way:
The car will be 100 feet away from the meter (the meter is a $45 Radio Shack analog type).  The driver will bring the RPM up to 5500 and hold it for 5 seconds and then "gun" the motor two times.  The test will be done 2 times.  This will give Raceway Park a representative DB reading on your car.  It should not measure over 90 DB. If your car is over 90 DB at the tech inspection booth, you will not be able to race.  Also, if the management of Raceway Park feels your car is too loud and measures the DB level on the track it cannot be over 96 DB under load (launch or burnout).  If you go over the 96 DB limit on the track, which is done 100 ft to the side of the car, you will not be allowed to race. 

There will be no exceptions to the DB limit on Saturday or Friday nights. 
Link to Radio Shack meter

Points information

The following information is extremely important.  For the 2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge, points will be kept by Raceway Park.  You MUST sign up for points.  You do not have to sign up for points to participate but you do have to sign up for points to be eligible for POINTS prizes.  For 2002, the Cartek Corvette Challenge has been added to the Raceway Park Sunoco Saturday Points Series.

If you plan on competing in the Raceway Park Points Series for 2002 the points series will be as follows;

  1. By signing up for points by the first point's day (April 6th, 2002), you will receive 1 point.
  2. By staging your car in the first round of eliminations, you will receive 1 point.
  3. For each round you win during eliminations, you will receive 1 point.
  4. Tie breaker positions are as follows
    1. Number of elimination wins
    2. The rating point system will be in effect.  At the end of each race, you will be assigned a number based on what position you are in (or tied for).  That number will be represented as a negative number next to your total points. This rating system rewards drivers who end up tied but have maintain higher rankings throughout the season as the lowest negative number will come first.  For example if in the first week you finish first, you will be assigned a -1.  The following week you are in 3rd place you will be assigned a -3.  Your total negative number will be -4.  If a driver finished in fourth place (-4) week one and then first in week 2 (-1) and you both have the same number of points, you will win the tie breaker because you have a -4 vs. his -5.  Confused, email me and I can try to explain better edgarperez@corvettechallenge.info.
    3. A Run-off on the last day of Points.

As the points will be kept by Raceway Park, a link will be provided to the Raceway Park site as soon as it is up.

If you have not signed up for points contact Raceway Park at 732-446-7800 or at www.racewaypark.com.

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