2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge Event 7 Sept 21, 2002

Ellis Gray and Edgar Perez Quick 4 #1 qualifier Paul Major Quick 4 #5 Qualifier Mike Romain Quick 4  #4 Qualifier Bill Maloney Quick 4  #3 Qualifier Brian Miller Major and Romain burnouts
Romain leaves early Miller and Maloney burnouts Miller gets the hole shot Rerun of Major and Romain run Miller and Romain to run the Quick 4 final Quick 4 final
Ladder drivers getting assignments R_02event7014.JPG R_02event7015.JPG R_02event7016.JPG R_02event7017.JPG R_02event7018.JPG
R_02event7019.JPG R_02event7020.JPG Quick 4 R_02event7024.JPG R_02event7025.JPG R_02event7027.JPG
R_02event7028.JPG R_02event7029.JPG R_02event7030.JPG R_02event7031.JPG R_02event7032.JPG R_02event7036.JPG

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This presentation was designed by: Edgar Perez